180+ Catchy Brussels sprouts Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Brussel sprouts are very specific to the given time of the year, especially when Thanksgiving takes place. The season of Thanksgiving is here, and you will want to post-thanksgiving pictures, and that is exactly why we are here to help you get some inspiration with our curated list of Brussels sprout captions. 

Brussels sprouts Captions for Instagram

A spiritual awakening is like revisiting your childhood and the proverbial Brussels sprouts.

Greatness is like Brussels sprouts. Whether they are prepared and garnished well is what matters. 

To retain the texture and enhance the flavor, always pan-fry your Brussels sprouts.

You are like a rose in a bowl of Brussels sprouts, so beautiful and yet apart from the healthy.

I love Brussels sprouts. Everyone knows it, but me. #love

Hope is like Brussels sprouts. It crops up and keeps growing.

Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, and a little asparagus can be the best meal you have had till now.

It takes things like Brussels sprouts to show us the truth – however appalling they may seem.

A tiny forest of Brussels sprouts can create the most diverse of feelings within you.

I cannot understand the hatred toward Brussels sprouts. They are so lovely. #lovely

Brussels sprouts are more important. Don’t fool yourself.

If God wanted to humor us, he would make Brussels sprouts as alluring as any junk food.

Brussels sprouts sautéed always taste fantastic.

Although Brussels sprouts are good, they rub me up the wrong way.

Brussels sprouts are truly rich in protein and low in calories. #nutritious

I was apprehensive at first, but after my first bite of these Brussels sprouts, I just couldn’t stop.

If there aren’t any Brussels sprouts at the party, it is only a boring meeting then.

All that we eat is mostly modified – whether it is Brussels sprouts or pork chops.

If it has anything to do with Brussels sprouts, count me in.

We were brought up with the mentality to finish our food – whatever was served. #food

If you don’t love Brussels sprouts, we just cannot become good friends.

Believe it or not, California produces 95% of Brussels sprouts.

Can you think of anything better than Brussels sprouts at the moment?

Why are you bullying me into eating those Brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts seem to have originated in Rome initially. #rome

However, you roast those Brussels sprouts; you can have them in multiple flavors.

We’re eating Brussels sprouts and bread out of much dread.

These are like mini cabbages and come from the same family.

Cucumbers are a reminder of Brussels sprouts.

It is believed that Brussels sprouts were mainly cultivated in Brussels at first. #brussels

Imagine eating all those tiny cabbages at one go – those Brussels sprouts.

Eat Brussels sprouts if you want a stronger heart.

I wish the world were real and would eat the same Brussels sprouts that they want us to eat.

Did you know that Brussels sprouts are anti-cancerous? #brusselssprouts

Brussels sprouts feel like penance at first, but they feel like heaven once you get accustomed to them.

The antioxidants in Brussels sprouts make them literally a superfood.

Let’s just give our thanks and finish eating those Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are so rich in nutrition that you will definitely give thanks to them.

I would have behaved – only if there was less of those Brussels sprouts.

Make some stuffed Brussels sprouts to go with your stuffed dishes for dinner. #stuffed

Don’t look back. They have laid out a whole table of Brussels sprouts dishes.

Let’s have more of that sweet potato and Brussels sprouts mash.

When I am with Brussels sprouts, I like myself a little more.

Honey butter with crispy fried Brussels sprouts can make your thanksgiving party the talk of the town.

Baked, sautéed, roasted, or simply cooked, Brussels sprouts are one of the best things one could eat.

A great meal this festival would be shrimp and Brussels sprouts. #meal

Brussels sprouts are all about love at first bite.

Brown butter and Brussels sprouts bring out the unique flavor on Thanksgiving.

Brussels sprouts are one of the best vegetables to have blessed the world.

Make the roasted stalk of Brussels sprouts be the show-stealer at Thanksgiving. #thanksgiving

Funny Brussels sprouts Captions

We are having bourbon bacon and Brussels sprouts for dinner.

Anything made with love tastes good, be it chicken or Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are not just healthy and tasty. They are also loved by many.

Let’s have some Brussels sprouts and forget all our worries.

Brussels sprouts are so rich in nutrients that they are almost a superfood. #superfood

Those who cannot tell stories must eat Brussels sprouts.

Why compare broccoli and Brussels sprouts when both are so good?

Most don’t know to cook Brussels sprouts and blame the latter for it.

Brussels sprouts are what I have been offered for Thanksgiving every year.

The most reassuring smell is that of Brussels sprouts cooking. #cooking

I find a unique versatility in Brussels sprouts.

Can you imagine this: Brussels sprouts and high-heeled shoes?

Brussels sprouts are a great ingredient in many dishes, especially for Thanksgiving dishes.

Why throw those Brussels sprouts away when you can actually trim them?

What sprouts in our minds should be as healthy as Brussels sprouts. #brusselssprouts

I love the look in your eyes when you wake up each morning and survey your Brussels sprout garden.

Sautéed Brussels sprouts, veggies, halibut, and chicken breasts are the best food.

Why decorate the serious with laurels and the wag with Brussels sprouts?

The funny little knobs on the Brussels sprouts have been compared to many funny things.

Why people are averse to Brussels sprouts, I will never understand. It is so healthy. #healthy

Whatever we feared in our childhood, nothing compared to our fear of Brussels sprouts.

Fruits, Brussels sprouts, fish, and salads. That’s all it takes to remain grateful.

Brussels sprouts and veggies for Thanksgiving.

If someone loves Brussels sprouts, always trust their opinions.

Any leafy green is good food for me, whether it is spinach, cabbage, or Brussels sprouts. #leafy

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