13 Catchy Examples of People Logos that Humanize Famous Brands

It seems that the big brands have a wall constructed around them. These happen to be inaccessible and not particularly interactive in most cases. In case you make any attempt to come in touch with them, they will not send anything to you except a form letter.

In any case, that appears to be plenty of time. In fact, brands communicating with their clients on social media have never been more collective. It has been found by statistics that approximately 32% of Internet users go to social media while finding out more info on any particular brand. As a result, it is the opportunity of any brand to appear to be approachable as well as human.

Notable brands usually consist of a fairly large PR sector so as to accomplish that. However, prior to getting to that point, you’ll come across something else that is done by many brands for starting to roll the “humanization” ball.

This something else happens to be a logo that consists of people.

Why should we use a people logo?

We always try to search for something to identify with. We try to search out traits that we respond to and identify entertainment as well as the individuals whom we come across.

Businesses are more effective and successful while presenting identifiable traits to their prospective clients. It will be possible to communicate these traits by means of branding. Branding is concerned about a company’s personality: what is offered by it, what it actually stands for, what is done by it, how it is able to communicate, and so on.

A people logo provides a “face” to that personality. It helps to convert the company to a personality having likable qualities from an entity without a face.

It does not require being a complete individual – logos don’t leave plenty of space at all times for complete details. Decent examples of the partial portraits consist of branding juggernauts like Quaker Oats and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There is no need for people’s logos to become “conventional” portraits. Simply think of the Lego-esque logo of GoodWill. Moreover, the “people” within the portrait are at times more like conventional ideations like the smiles from Pepsi and Amazon.

And at times, it might not be possible for you to even realize that you are actually gazing at a “people” logo till you happen to look closely – and at times more than just once.

In the Following Paragraphs, We Have Provided 13 Logo Examples that Consist of The Human Element out There

1. Mascot

Mascots happen to be one of the simplest ways of humanizing a brand. The clients are provided with a person for identifying with by the mascots, somebody having motivations as well as feelings just like them.

Although mascots are oftentimes believed to be animals with some emotions like humans, selecting a human mascot is going to make it easy for any client to recognize the brand.

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken

It is certainly among some more popular instances of any character mascot. In fact, the Colonel is quite popular out there, and his most recent incarnation has been played by none other than Reba McEntire.

Nevertheless, the conventional design varies somewhat when it comes to the logo itself. However, irrespective of whether it is a bucket shape or a circle, the feature happens to be Colonel Sanders’ smiling face with the trademark glasses, bowtie, and goatee.

Colonel Sanders, who is based on the originator of the company, happens to be a prudent choice. Apart from being the globally-recognized face of the company, it likewise radiates a sensation of old-world down-home charm which provides KFC with a pleasant face.

3. Quaker Oats

The popular “Quaker Oats person” is not based on any specific individual; however, it is actually a mixture of positive character traits which has been designed to appeal to the audience.

This logo was introduced in the year 1877 along with a full-length original Quaker Oats mascot image.

At present, this particular logo happens to be a simple portrait of the Quaker Oats individual. The mascot has got plenty of history behind it, and therefore, it is hardly surprising that the company has opted to remain with the identical logo in spite of some updates over time.

4. Wendy’s

It happens to be a fast-food chain that makes use of a welcoming face for creating an easily recognizable mascot. Interestingly, Wendy’s happens to be amongst the most well-liked chains in the US at present.

Even though Wendy has undergone several updates over the years similar to the Quaker Oats person, the fundamentals stay the same: friendly face along with freckles plus a couple of red pigtails.

5. Foot Locker

This particular logo might not be among the first ones that emerge in your mind while thinking of logos including people. In fact, the referee in this logo happens to be somewhat less of a character and it appears that he represents the values and standards of the business as a whole.

However, that should be a logo’s function in reality: it should be able to convey a message. It is obviously a sensible choice to go for a market-appropriate and honorable mascot for a logo considering the fact that Foot Locker happens to be amongst the most notable athletic footwear retailers.

6. Stylized people logos

Not every people’s logo is apparent immediately. Moreover, not every one of them happens to be an entire person either. All these logos which belong to top-quality brands make use of immensely stylized human feature versions that nevertheless are able to evoke the identical sensation of commonality with the client.

7. Amazon

The logo of Amazon has changed somewhat during the passage of time. However, the existing one consists of an extremely humanizing design choice that is “people-inspired”: a deceitful smile.

It helps to reflect the expression which is usually put on by us once we receive a package in the mail; therefore, it happens to be a fantastic logo choice for the business on the whole.

8. Starbucks

It will be possible for you to outline the evolution of the logo of Starbucks’ siren over the years; however, several things have stayed the same: although the siren happens to be part fish obviously she nevertheless holds the tranquil human smile with which we are accustomed.

This particular logo is renowned for its vintage-inspired sophistication, and simultaneously the siren’s human aspect provides us with a “personality” to clasp onto.

9. Goodwill

The partial-face logo of goodwill is quite simple and appears to be encouraged by the Lego man. Being somewhat more than a schematic line sketching along with a dot for the eye as well as a smile, this particular mascot succeeds in evoking the tranquil and calm sensation of doing something positive on somebody else.

10. LG

This particular logo helps the company to go the extra mile while combining the letters of the name of the company for forming a smiling and winking face. It is super simple as well as super stylized. However, it is likewise effective on plenty of levels providing an inviting and friendly face created for a notable brand without many details.

11. Concealed people logos

Often people’s logos happen to be so stylized that you might find it extremely difficult to realize that you are actually observing a people’s logo.

The following brands happen to be classic examples of this:

12. Pepsi

Almost like the instance of Amazon mentioned above, Pepsi has virtually succeeded in concealing its human aspects within the logo. However, the description of the company regarding its personal branding helps to make it clear. The “swoosh” at the center of the Pepsi globe happens to be a stylized human grin.

Although it is not a conventional choice unlike lots of people logos mentioned in this article, it is nevertheless based on the selection of a human element for providing a convincing humanizing effect to a notable brand.

13. Tostitos

This one is a fantastic example of a “concealed” people logo. In fact, you might not have comprehended the fact that there happen to be people involved here.

The couple of “inside” Ts within the name of the brand happen to be stylized so as to become buddies sharing salsa along with chips.


As shown by the above examples, it will be possible for any company logo to create an additional connection between the brand and the client by making use of a person or more than one person. This is particularly essential for the bigger brands which are required to combat the “commercial juggernaut” cliche.

People’s logos happen to be effective for brands of different sizes out there. Incorporating a human element in the logo is certainly worth considering when creating a personal connection or just for raising a grin.

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