178+ Catchy Bow and Arrow Captions for All Social Media

A bow and arrow through a heart signify that you have been struck with love by someone, and you must want to show off to the world all about the love of your life this Valentine’s Day. Here are some lovey-dovey captions to make your posts look very romantic. 

Bow and arrow Captions for Instagram

These are the true pleasures of life. Aim and seek them out.

I’ll just never miss it for the world.

I rather shoot arrows out of bows than wear them at all.

If only Cupid could see us right now.

True love really begins with a bow and arrow.

All you have to do is follow the arrow that you shot. #shot

Just get to know your way around the deer stand and then love like a doe.

To love, you need a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit.

Once you let go of the arrow, you just cannot bring it back.

You’ll have to believe that the arrow you shot is bound to give you something good.

Believe in yourself and believe in the fact that it will happen.

Pull it back hard and then let go. It’ll surely strike your target.

Ride with Cupid and fall in love with love always.

I can feel Cupid’s arrows and love in the air.

I only wish I could borrow Cupid’s wings on Valentine’s Day.

You should find your own wings and be your own Cupid for a day.

I’m ever so grateful to Cupid to approach this together.

What more do we want on Valentine’s other than the arrows and cupcakes?

Remember the time we both were lovestruck together?

I only wish that you accept being struck by Cupid so that I could love you as much as I want.

May every sunset hit you with the arrow of peace and love.

I have loved hugging you ever since Cupid’s arrow struck us together.

Aiming at you may not be easy, but it’s worth the effort.

I’m an arrow, and when I shoot at you, it will be love. #love

It’s my love for perfect shots that helped me get you.

You aimed almost perfectly but got me instead. #funny

Thank God I missed my target. Otherwise, I would have missed you completely.

I stopped aiming completely ever since you came into my life.

I’m sure Cupid shot at my heart and made me yours.

Aim well for the one you love or don’t aim at all.

Go out into the field and aim well so that you get your true love.

When you let the arrows fly out of your heart, you’ll see the magic happening.

Just follow your arrow. There is nothing else to it. #follow

Not all who wander are lost. Some are just following their arrows.

It is your faith and belief and love that will actually bring you your true love.

When life pulls you back, it means you are the arrow, and you’ll reach your true love.

Please accept this bouquet of roses that can be struck in love by Cupid.

I’ve grown up believing that Cupid’s bow brings soul mates together.

With the single arrow that Cupid had, it was only you that he could use it on.

I hang that bow and arrow as a reminder that I had been struck by your love.

It’s an annual ritual to send you a heart and Cupid.

It was Cupid who advised that you and I come together and love each other.

You and I were meant to be whether or not it was Cupid’s decision. #cupid

I know, and I think Cupid’s arrow for having been behind bringing us together.

I knew it had to be Cupid’s arrow.

It was impossible to even gain your attention without Cupid by my side.

No wonder Cupid wanted us to come together.

I want every sunrise to strike you with a lot more promise.

I pray that Cupid makes me wake up beside you.

All it takes is love to strike two souls together.

When I see you, I always feel an arrow striking my heart.

Funny Bow and Arrow Captions

It’s that quiver of mine that makes me quiver. I hope the arrows last till I get you. #quiver

However high you aim, you will only get the person you’re meant to get.

It’s you for sure, and I’ve always aimed for you.

I love archery, but only when it actually brings my love.

Make sure to follow your arrow wherever it goes. This is the only chance you’ll ever get.

Try and try harder to let go of your hurdles within. Then shoot, and you will find love.

Life is truly beautiful. It’s the arrow from Cupid that makes it so much more beautiful.

Tell yourself that you’re going to make it happen, and you’ll see it happening anyways.

Let life be the bow, and you’ll be the arrow. You’ll definitely land on someone true. #bowandarrow

Just shoot at your target. Then shoot again.

Without Cupid and his bow and arrows, Valentine’s Day is incomplete.

Unless he arranges someone else for me, Cupid is my Valentine this year.

Thanks to Cupid, I get to cuddle with you.

Have always put down Cupid’s wishes. It’s time now, I guess.

Only takes one of Cupid’s arrows to strike you.

I know that love is in the air. It’s for you and me.

Keep calm and let Cupid do his stuff.

I must say that I find you more loving ever since we both were struck.

This bull in the arrows is absolutely symbolic. #arrows

The only bow and arrows that actually bring love enjoy.

The odds just have to be in your favor.

Finally, even I have been shot through the heart – by Cupid.

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