174+ Catchy Bough Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Boughs are large branches, and all over the world, boughs of trees are considered sacred for the occasion of Christmas. Here are some captions to attribute your beautiful bough posts on Social Media. 

Bough Captions for Instagram

The star needs to be hanged upon the highest bough. #bough

Spare each tree. Spare each bough. They sheltered you then. Protect them now.

Each individual is a bough produced by the tree called life.

The sky’s grey arch is but a bough from whence comes the wintry wind.

No two boughs can you find with the same arrangement. Each has its own way of expression.

With spring, steeps the boughs and brings the buds and leaves.

What the root provides makes the bough and leaves accordingly. #roots

Knowledge is the boughs that meet at the same trunk and spread themselves.

The boughs of the cedar are so unpredictable in their habits.

The boughs in an orchard are so lucky to have so many fruits.

Where trees and their boughs have fallen is a land of grief.

The boughs are where even the birds meet the offerings of the trees.

The trees and their boughs keep carpeting the earth with snow-white blossoms. #blossoms

Nature is so thoughtful. It leaves berries on the boughs for birds to peck upon.

Shorter the bough, longer the vintage, I believe.

How barren the tree looks when its boughs are without birds, fruits, or leaves.

The boughs shower their blessings upon my soul.

Keep your heart green like a bough, and there will be birds to perch and sing there.

Passion is what lops off the bough of weariness. It is like some medicine. #medicine

When boughs creak suddenly, it is most intriguing.

The boughs of the cedar trees are like a sweet flute when the wind fleets through.

Never did any tomb look so ghastly white as these boughs do.

We hope and know that next year this dry bough will bring fruits of many colors. #colors

The springtime boughs are so beautiful and full of leaves and blossoms. #springtime

When you hear the bough crack, it means that it has died.

No two trees have boughs that bend into the same network.

Winter may bare the boughs, but wait for spring, when they fill up again.

Nature’s boughs are the time-tested truths we just cannot deny.

December’s boughs are leafless only, not lifeless as it would seem.

The boughs may seem melancholy but are resilient in what they do. #resilient

It is the time when fairies will awake and fly across the boughs.

I am like the last of the leaves on an autumn’s bough, waiting to fall.

We are like bees reeling from bough to bough in search of a little honey-dew.

Each blossom that hangs on the bough is like a fresh gift of nature.

The winds in March are what I wait for. Through the elm boughs, they float.

If life is the tree, then we are each its boughs, and our deeds the fruits. #fruits

Atop a golden bough perches a songbird that sings the sweet sounds of Christmas.

The pear tree is like a Christmas tree. Each pear is like an ornament hanging from the boughs.

A withered trunk is but the effect of an ax that cuts of the tree and the boughs.

Just picture what an acorn holds within – the strongest of boughs of a great tree.

During severe wintry nights, the wind howling through the thorny boughs, many a story is made.

Christmas climbs up into our minds just like sap climbs into the boughs of trees. #christmas

When the bare boughs sigh, we can feel the whiff of Christmas approaching.

When the tree of life shakes the leaves of its boughs, it is like blessings being showered upon you.

When the happy boughs are in bloom, you know there is a sweet harvest in the offing.

God is the bough upon whom we grow. #bough

Funny Bough Captions

Loaded with blossoms and fruits galore are the boughs of these special trees. #blossoms

Humans keep changing their fashion like the leaves on a bough.

The boughs of the trees have the most varied of blossoms imaginable.

Hear the birds sing from the boughs the songs of spring and beauty and love.

Our destiny is like a tree that brings us fruits to enjoy from time to time.

Spring ushers in a new freshness with the smallest and loveliest of leaves and blooms.

If imagination were a tree, then its boughs would be all the nicest things that we imagine. #imagination

Under the boughs in any arboreal land, you can find the peace that is otherwise elusive.

A bird’s humble nest is built upon the mightiest of boughs.

Have you ever observed the myrtle boughs and how the fireflies dance in them?

With bloom along the bough comes the loveliest of thoughts.

When rain bends the bough, the tree still stands patiently.

If I were a bright yellow primrose, I would be shaded by the boughs of great trees. #boughs

When the boughs and the trunks of mighty trees are felled, it shows cruelty.

The tree seems bigger only because its bough extends farther.

I watch in wonder the resilient boughs that support so much above and below them.

The bough that can shade you is the one that you should give thanks to.

The boughs of the fir seem like they are in a perennial sleep.

The songbird perched on the boughs sings the sweetest of tunes. #tunes

After autumn, the boughs shed their plumage and let the white blanket cover them.

Let not the boughs of belief and faith ever break, lest the being fails totally.

I am intrigued by the ivy that climbs to grasp the boughs above.

The wind that whispers across the boughs is so soothing to the heart and mind. #whispers

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