Top 35+ Best Body Lotion Brands in the World

Body lotions are used to prevent minor skin irritations and itchy, scaly, rough, and dry skin. With so many amazing brands of body lotion, including the effective, cheap, safe, and most prominent brands it is difficult to choose one. Here is a list of top body lotion brands in the world.

Body Lotion Brands in the World


Country: Canada

American pharmaceutical and customer products corporation Johnson & Johnson acquires this company of hair care and skincare stocks. Brothers Sidney and Sidney Musher first introduced this brand in 1945. Soothing Bath Treatment was the first merchandise of this company. Products offered by Aveeno for skincare such as sunburn, hives, chickenpox, and pruritus.


Country: Germany

Paul Carl Beiersdorf first launched this German personal care product brand in 1882. Hamburg-based corporation Beiersdorf Global AG acquired this brand. Oscar Troplowitz purchased this brand in 1890.


Country: Switzerland

This chain of care stocks from Galderma Laboratories, including moisturizers, lotion, cream, bar soap, and cleansers. A druggist created this brand in 1947 in Texas. Their stocks are mainly traded at pharmacies and grocery shops throughout India, Canada, and the United States. They also operate pharmacies in Indonesia, South Africa, and Australia.


Country: United States 

Charles Geilfus and Andrew Jergens introduced this brand in 1882 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The corporation was recognized as the Jergens Soap Corporation. Since then, Jergens has broadened to include profitable hair care and personal care merchandise chains. The company began its business with particularly made coconut oil soap.

Burt’s Bees

Country: United States

This American brand of personal care merchandise retails its stocks globally. The corporation associated with Clorox characterizes itself as an “Earth-friendly, Natural Personal Care Company” producing stocks for personal hygiene, beauty, health, and personal care. They supply their commodities internationally. 


Country: United States

The products of this American personal care are produced in South Korea, South Africa, Poland, Philippines, Japan, China, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, and many more countries. The merchandise is traded in over 150 nations and is provided for kids, men, and women.


Country: United States

British-Dutch company Unilever acquires this American company of petroleum jelly-based stocks. Stocks include a segment of deodorants, cleansers, lotions, soaps, and skin creams and ordinary petroleum jelly.


Country: Germany

It is a labeled company of Beiersdorf AG. Besides face and body care stocks, it also retails cleansing and sun protectant stocks. A smooth cream and non-perishable base consisting of oil, water, and Eucerit produced by Dr. Isaac Lifschützl in 1900.

St. Ives

Country: United States

They have a wide expanse of merchandise that is stimulated by nature with body washes, lotions, and scrubs that gives fresh and soft skin. They produce their stocks with 100% organic and natural extracts, moisturizers, and exfoliants for radiant and healthy-looking skin.


Country: United States

Formerly known as Oil of Ulay. Procter & Gamble acquires this American brand of skincare products. It listed for approximately $2.8 billion of P&G’s earnings in 2009.


Country: France

With head offices in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, this French brand of personal care merchandise is the biggest corporation of cosmetics in the globe and it has expanded recreations in the department specializes in hair care, fragrance, make-up, sun protection, skincare, and hair color.


Country: United States

SC Johnson originally introduced this brand of skincare products to provide individuals with an item who is experiencing chronically dry skin. Their publicity captioned the motto of “Better at Ending Dry Skin” to recite the merchandise effectiveness.


Country: United States 

This dermatologist-recommended company of skincare products comprises three main ceramides to renovate the real obstacle of skin. Since 2005, the establishment of this company in America, each product of this brand has been formulated with prominent dermatologists. Presently, an expanse of skincare stocks is offered by Cerave, mainly healing ointments, moisturizers, and cleansers.


Country: United States

Leonard Lauder launched this American brand of cosmetics in 1990. Origins are one of the primary companies of The Estée Lauder corporations. Origins are mainly popular for manufacturing natural skincare commodities. It is also well-known for its constant partnership with Dr. Andrew Weil in his own chain of commodities that focuses on sensitive and inflamed skin.

Mary Kay

Country: United States

This American non-governmental multi-level trade corporation was the world’s sixth-biggest network trade corporation with a retail amount of US$3.25 billion in 2018. It is founded in Addison, Texas. Mary Kay Ash introduced this brand in 1963.


Country: France

This French brand of perfume, cosmetics, and luxury skincare products retails and produces commodities, mainly through high-end chosen pharmacies and branch shop counters. The medical student Jacques Courtin-Clarins launched the household corporation in 1954.

Bare Escentuals

Country: United States

Personal care products are provided by this company. Bare Escentuals retail skincare, sun care products, lip gloss, brushes, mascara, eyeliners, blush, and finishing powder. It was launched in 2004.


Country: France

With head offices in Paris, France this French brand of extravagance fragrances and cosmetics supplies commodities globally. It is a portion of the L’Oréal Luxury Products department. L’Oreal is the parent corporation and it retails makeup, perfumes, and luxury skincare products at higher-end rates. 


Country: United States

This American factory of perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics, and skincare products mainly traded in high-end branch shops. Evelyn Lauder launched this brand in 1968.


Country: Japan

They began the clean beauty business when they introduced their top retailing mineral establishment in 1995. Since their establishment, they proceeded to formulate skincare products and cruelty-free makeup.


Country: United States

Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Mørck launched this global multi-level trade corporation in the USA in 1980. Their commodity chains include nutrition, cosmetics, and vegan skincare. In 2017, the corporation had approximate yearly deal earnings of $544 million.


Country: United States

This American corporation of baking items, health remedies, and other home gadgets founded in Minnesota, United States. The whole list includes 400 commodities. This free deals force trades the commodities using many procedures, including fund-raising, party planning, trade shows, person to person, and the Internet.


Country: Australia

Brazilian corporation Natura & Co. acquires this Australian brand of extravagance skincare products. Besides skincare, it also manufactures perfumes, soaps, and hair care. Every shop of this brand has a different inside design created in teamwork with many artists, interior designers, and architects.


Country: United States

This American company of cosmetics works in body care, hair, skin commodities. L’Oréal Group purchased this brand in 2000 and presently they own over 250 commercial shops globally and more than 1,000 points of exchange increased by deals in select airport areas and high-end branch shops.

Estee Lauder

Country: United States

This American global factory and retailer of hair care products, perfumes, makeup, and prestige skincare founded in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The corporation acquires a separate portfolio of trademarks, supplied globally through both retail chains and digital commerce.

Acca Kappa

Country: Italy

Since 1869, the Krüll household has operated the corporation. It is based in Treviso, Italy. The brand offers wellness products, body care products, professional brushes, and perfumes. Their products are accessible in the best flagship shops and boutiques.

Alba Botanica

Country: United States 

This brand offers a wide expanse of personal care commodities for hair and skin created with 100% vegetarian components and no harsh sulfates, phthalates, and parabens.


Country: United States

Cristina Carlino first introduced this North American brand of cosmetics and skincare stocks in 1996. Later Coty, Inc. acquired this brand in 2010.

Yes To

Country: United States 

Presently, it is an international leading corporation of natural beauty commodities, with unique choices and award-winning remedies that can be used in more than 20,000 shops in the globe.


Country: United States

Horst Rechelbacher first launched this American brand of cosmetics. Presently Estée Lauder Companies acquires this brand and it has head offices located in Blaine, Minnesota. The brand offers hair care products, hair color, fragrances, cosmetics, and body and skincare products.

Derma e

Country: United States

This company started in a portable health food shop. A container of Vitamin E 12,00,0 I.U. Moistening Cream was their first item. Since then they have launched several remarkable commodities. Presently, they have developed to become America’s one of the biggest brands of natural facial care products.

laura Mercier

Country: France

Renowned makeup artist Laura Mercier originally launched this American and French chain of skincare in 1996. The company became popular for its concentration on commodities to formulate “perfect face”. laura Mercier became the authorized brand of cosmetics in 2012.productsbrands.

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