130+ Catchy Body Butter Captions for Instagram (Generator+Guide)

There is no denying that a social media post will lose all its charm if there is no strong and unique caption present to support it, even when the post is associated with body butter. 

Body butter is a more nourishing alternative to simple moisturizers. People with oily skin need to rethink before dwelling in rich body buttercreams. Body butter is an amazing product to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. 

Body Butter Captions for Instagram

Body butter is a type of moisturizer! #bodybutterisnotamoisturizer

Body butter is not a moisturizer, it is something more than that. #more

Body Butters are a must keep! #muskeep

Body butters are a must in the winters. #mustinwinter

Body butters are better than moisturizers! #betterthan

Get rid of moisturizers and buy body butter today! #getrid

Body butter – a must-keep on your shelf. #mustkeepinshelf

Nourish your skin with body butter. #nourishyour

Like butter is to bread, so is body butter to your skin. #bodybutterforyourskin

Keep your skin hydrated with body butter. #keephydrated

Get glowing skin by using body butter. #glow

Tired of dry skins? Use body butter today! #dryskins

Say no to dry skins and yes to body butter! #saynotodryskins

Start using body butter from today and use them every day! #startusingittoday

Use body butter every day for better results. #everyday

Betty bought body butter. #betty

Body butter smells heavenly! #smellsheavenly

Get smooth skin with body butter! #smoothskin

Betty bought a butter. Betty bought body butter. #bettyboughtwhat

Put on body butter to smell exotic! #exotic

Replenish and rejuvenate with body butter. #replenishandrejuvenate

I am a self-proclaimed body butter addict. #addict

Body butter are a better moisturizer than moisturizers themselves! #bettermoisturizers

You cannot call yourself an addict if you are not addicted to body butter. #addictionisreal

Body butter magically removes that dry skin look. #magically

Use body butter to remove that tiredness. #removetiredness

Use body butter to feel the magic! #feelthemagic

Like water is to your body, so is body butter to your skin. #bodybutterforyourskin

Here is our best body butter, made only for you. #bestbodybutter

Do not have the time to pamper yourself? Do not worry, body butter have you covered! #pamper

Pamper yourself with a body butter. #pamperyourself

Self-care starts by buying a body butter. #selfcare

Self-caring is the best feeling in the world. Top it up with body butters. #topitup

There’s nothing girly about applying a body butter. #whatisgirly

Drop the stereotypes and use a body butter today! #dropthestereotypes

Men need to keep their hydrated too! Buy a body butter. #menneedtohydrate

If you do not own a body butter, and you are 25, its time to leave the planet! #ownabodybuttertoday

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Instagram Captions

Funny Body Butter Captions

God gave you beautiful skin and if should care for it. #takecare

Bad skin? Make it better by using a body butter daily! #makeitbetter

Get the most by using our body butter! #getthemost

Body butter is the answer to your dry skin! #answeseverything

I love body butters and I cannot lie. #ilovebodybutters

Pick up any body butter! And start to use them on a daily basis. #pickany

Spending money on body butters is a money well-spent. #goodspendings

Body butter is not a luxury. It is a necessity. #necessity

Apply on a body butter right after your bath! #rightafteryourbath

Be always ready with body butters! #bereadyalways

I never leave my body butter and go on a trip. #neverleave

I carry my body butter everywhere I go. #everywhereigo

Body butter and me is a better love story than Bonny and Clyde. #bonnyandclyde

Gift yourself a body butter today! #gifttoday

Body butter for life! Forever and always! #foreverandalways

When in doubt, gift a body butter. #whenindoubt

My boyfriend gave me a body butter on Valentine’s day. #valentnesdaygift

I cannot think of a better Valentine’s day gift than body butter. #bettergift

Do you have a better gift in mind other than body butters? #bettergiftthanbb

When I cannot apply body butters, I dream of applying body butters. #dream

I love body butter containers more than body butters! #ilovecontainers

Massage your body with a body butter. #massage

Gift yourself the massage with body butter. #giftyourselfamassage

After a lavish bath, apply on a lavish body butter. #lavish

Self-pampering starts with applying a body butter! #selfpampering

Body butters are your skin’s best bud! #skinsbestfriend

Body butter selflessly takes care of your skin! #selflessly

Body butters pay special attention to your body than your partner! #specialattention

Keep yourself hydrated. Keep your skin hydrated too. #behydrated

When you keep your body hydrated, then why do you keep your skin dry? #skinrunsdry

While in a relationship, body butters can do wonders! #workwonders

Body butters can work wonders when applied daily. #applydaily

Spare some time for your body and put on a body butter. #sparesometime

Oily skin does not permit the usage of body butters. 

Consult a dermatologist before you use a body butter, if you have oily skin. #oilyskinproblems 

Body butters give relief to your problematic dry skin! #giverelief

Apply body butter at night for intensive overnight nourishment! #intensivenourishment

Apply body butter whenever you see your skin dry run. #donotletyourskinrundry

Extra nourishment for extra dry skin. Use body butter today! #extranourishment

Body butters help your perfume to last all through the day! #perfumelastslong

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Body Butter Captions with Emojis

🧖‍♀️💆‍♀️ Relax and pamper yourself with our luxurious body butter. #selfcare

🌺🌿 Nourish your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients. #bodybutterlove

🥥🍫 Indulge in the delicious scent of our coconut and chocolate body butter. #yum

🌸💕 Keep your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated with our body butter. #skincare

🌞☀️ Get ready for summer with our moisturizing body butter. #beachbody

🌷🌼 Embrace the floral goodness with our scented body butter. #flowerpower

🌿🌱 Our vegan and cruelty-free body butter is perfect for conscious beauty lovers. #veganbeauty

🥑🍓 Feed your skin with the power of fruits and veggies in our body butter. #naturalbeauty

🌈🌟 Glow up with our shimmery body butter. #sparkleandshine

🍯🐝 Let the nourishing properties of honey and beeswax rejuvenate your skin. #beautybuzz

🌼🌞 Brighten up your day with the fresh and uplifting scent of our body butter. #happinessinajar

🧴💪🏼 Say goodbye to dry and flaky skin with our intensely moisturizing body butter. #hydrateyourself

🌿🧖‍♂️ Unwind after a long day with the soothing scent of our body butter. #relaxationstation

🌴🌊 Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our exotic body butter. #islandvibes

🍍🍉 Quench your skin’s thirst with the hydrating power of juicy fruits in our body butter. #thirstyforskin

🎁🎉 Treat yourself or your loved ones to the gift of soft and nourished skin with our body butter. #giftofbeauty

🧖‍♀️🌸 Create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with our body butter. #spadayathome

🌱👩‍🌾 Our body butter is made with love and care by local farmers. #supportlocal

🌼🌻 Our body butter is perfect for those with sensitive skin, free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. #gentlebeauty

🌟💫 Let our body butter be the star of your beauty routine. #starquality

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