160+ Catchy Blue Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Blue skies characterize spring, and the color blue itself is a very soothing color that completely represents the season of Spring. Here are some captions that will make your social media posts perfect for Spring. 

Blue Captions for Instagram

The blue oblivion is beckoning to me.

My blue lipstick makes my day.

Blue is not boring at all.

The blue in your eyes mesmerizes me.

You bring out the blue so beautifully.

Dream blue. Then do blue.

Everything blueish is ever so beautiful. #beautiful

Believe in yourself and never get the Blues.

Everything is beautifully blue.

The infinite is truly the sky above.

The horizon is where one blue meets the other.

There is everything and yet nothing in blue.

Blue is definitely for me.

I wear denim whenever I’m unsure.

Wear blue and dream of the infinite.

Blue will bring you calm and peace.

It’s not something for everyone. #special

Always wear blue to show off that you are blue-collar.

You’ll never be blue when you wear blue.

I am but a relentless blue wave.

Blue suede shoes are simply just too fantastic.

Blue is actually where my heart is.

Blueberries, bluebells, Blue Jays, simply take my breath away.

Find me a more beautiful color than blue.

I just can’t seem to get enough of blue.

Funny Blue Captions

Blue is where my heart is. #heart

Blue blood means you got copper in it, not iron.

Blue is true beauty.

True blue is really magical.

Blue would not seem so nice without you.

The blue sky enwraps the blue planet.

Nothing under these blue skies can give me the Blues.

Blue is a color that inspires me.

Roses are red, but violets are blue, and that’s just simply only true.

This is where I drew my first blue line.

Calm is where the quiet of blue is achieved. #calm

Midnight blue is truly mesmerizing.

I dream big. So I dream about the sky.

There is one blue for every girl.

I love Draping myself in blue.

I always wear some shade of blue.

Blue is truly an adventure to reckon with.

Where your blue proudly.

Blue is the color of magic.

Rhythm and Blues is my kind of music.

I simply cannot think of anything else but blue. #blue

Anything blue is truly cool.

Anything blue can make me do anything at all.

If it’s blue, you can count me in.

Witty Blue Captions

True blue is so royal.

Blue is the horizon. Blue is the sky.

Can you think of anything as oblivious as blue?

These violets go well with my blue dress.

You highlight a magical blue aura. 

Dream big and do big. Never be blue. #dream

If you don’t like blue, we cannot be friends.

Blue is where the truth lies.

Blue is water love to have.

The Bluebird sings to avoid being blue.

The sky really wants a kiss from me.

Life is as simple as midnight blue.

Blue really isn’t purple.

Peace and prosperity are symbolized by blue.

Blue is always a stunning color.

If I’m lonely, I simply wear blue. #spring

Aspire to be either the blue sea or the blue sky.

Blue is truly a fashionable color.

Blue is the color for those who are free in spirit.

Even fairies wear blue.

Blue is what makes you so special.

Let’s go on and sing the Blues.

Blue eyes, my baby’s got blue eyes.

Deep blue sunglasses go well with the light blue attire.

You’ll have clean thoughts when you wear blue.

I live only to wear blue. #wear

Blue helps me imagine limitlessly.

Everything blue is beautiful.

Everything blue does not believe in itself.

Blue is where my heart is.

Blue will never disappoint you.

Blue is where my heart is.

The mighty blue skies are beckoning.

Remember that there is a blue sky beyond those white clouds.

What an infinite blue I want to fly into. #infinite

Blue has to be the color of life.

Blue characterizes Infinity as well.

The color of life, water, the sky, and truth, is blue.

Make Love infinite and blue forever.

Blue is what will make you feel peaceful and secure.

When you think of beauty, think of blue.

Blue seems to have life in it.

Oh boy! You are actually blue-tiful.

Short Blue Captions for Instagram

Bluebells adorn my garden.

The color that the whole of nature loves. #nature

Anything blue is good enough for me.

If you love blue, we can be really good friends.

I just love to be a blue flame.

There has to be a famous song on blue in every language.

Some Blues are really better than other Blues.

I love you, even more when you wear a blue dress.

I feel like new when I wear anything blue.

Bend down blue whenever you can.

I see blue is the best color for you. #best

I’m oblivious when I wear blue. 

There’s nothing to be blue about anything at all.

Everything becomes beautiful when it’s blue.

Can you actually think of anything that’s not blue?

You can find me wherever you can find blue.

I just love the blue horizon.

You need a blue sky on a clear day.

There is something truly soulful about blue.

Simply put, blue is the most beautiful color. #color

It would be nice to be a cool blue.

Blue is something that will bring you peace and calm.

Don’t worry. Be calm. And love blue.

Fashion and Infinity are characterized by red and blue.

Just be blue. And you’re truly you.

Be serene, and you love blue.

Blue is truly the most peaceful color of all.

I find blue to be quite profound.

The Come blue lake is what I identify with.

There is nothing complex in wearing blue. #blue

The mystery of the midnight sky is what blue is all about.

The grandeur of blue shoes in your dress.

Fading into the night in my midnight blue.

A Mediterranean blue works as well as any other color.

Adorn yourself with everything blue.

I simply love blue. That’s all that matters.

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