Top 51+ Best Blender Brands in the World

A blender is an appliance, also known as liquidizer used for mixing foods in kitchens or substances in a laboratory.  It contains a blender vessel with a whirling propeller in the basement supplied with an electric motor.

The new blender contains a motor at top fastened upright to a whirling blade. Some of the popular brands of blenders from around the world are as follows.

Blender Brands in the World


Country: North America

The brand is supported by a higher quality along with the potentiality of All-Metal Drive. It has goodwill for providing standard machines at a reasonable cost. This benchtop liquidizer can be used for multipurpose work for making kitchen food items like chopping, liquidizing, etc. 


Country: U.S

Vitamix is headquartered in Ohio. The brand is controlled and managed by the generation of Barnard since 1921. They produce blenders for end-users as well as for restaurants, hotels, tourism, lodging, and other recreational centers.

It has the most optimal mixing power than standard blenders without causing any heat problems.


Country: Canada

The brand is produced by SharkNinja in Canada and has been headquartered since then in Massachusetts. Mark Rosenzweig, the producer is identified as the face of the brand. He keeps on displaying his inventions through TV channels.

It is very convenient to use and offered at an equilibrium market price.


Country: U.K

The brand was invented based on creativity, stylish, and delivering standard products. This theory is implied at the core of the brand.

Kenwood is mostly used for making liquid foods and could be used for crushing beans or spices if furnished with a grinder. It comes along with dishwasher safety.


Country: Germany

The brand is known for the production of cooking and home appliances. It is constructively crafted to support an array of densities. It is configured with streak settings along with turbo power and stopwatch timer.


Country: America

The brand was first introduced by The Hobart Manufacturing Company later acquired and controlled by Whirlpool Corporation. It is constructively crafted with care and honesty that makes it a high-costing blender.

It is endurable and constructed aesthetically for multi-uses with lustrous designs. Life becomes easy with such advanced domestic appliances.


Country: U.S

Founded by Tom Dickson in 1975, the brand deals with the distribution of commercial and domestic blenders. It is a branch of K-TEC, Inc.

It is made constructively and specifically for heavy usage and commercial kitchens. It comes along a predetermined program set functions and available at an affordable price.


Country: Italy

It is a brand by Philips founded in 1981 by Gagio Montano. It deals with the production of manual, fully automated, and capsule coffee machines along with some electrical appliances. 

It is manufactured at Montano. It is a self-controlled company. It is ought to deliver coffee machines for diversified people.

Braun Blender

Country: Germany

The brand is constructed and composed of such machine parts that can run with resistance in the single-digit micron radius. The motor equally balances the power with robustness. It can be used for multi-tasking from chopping to pasting. It quickly does the blending.


Country: Malaysia

Sharp products are a worldwide strategy to allow every base within its grid to assist and appreciate one another with R&D, including designing of products by engineers, acquiring parts, and disseminating. This assures the brand withstand ruthlessly in the marketplace.

It assures end-users to relish an enhanced and high-quality of livelihood.


Country: Germany

The brand was formed in 1899 and came into existence in North Rhine-Westfalia city when two persons namely, Miele and Zinkann met accidentally.

It is recorded as an exceptional brand by consumers since its establishment among all products. Its consumers always have a high regard for product fulfillment and durability.


Country: U.S

The brand is known for containing huge space for ice reserves. It shaves the ice rather than blending like other appliances. It gives a real experience of relishing frozen foods.

It is configured with four preset functions of drink including automated and manual options for shaving ice or frozen foods.


Country: Switzerland

It is a multipurpose food processor brand that is highly efficient as compared to a blender. It can be carefully placed and operated in tiny vessels, heated containers, and dainty glassware. 

For protection, Bamix is insulated double times along with complete blockage for intense submerging in to warm and frozen drinks.


Country: Netherlands

For 50 years, it specializes in the production of standard strained coffeemakers. It is the pioneer in making coffee machines. The machines are thoroughly handcrafted by the Dutch people. Its finishing involves the final testing by live sessions.

Technivorm becomes a distinct quality product for its real touch by these people.


Country: America

The blenders are composed of different shade with hefty glass that comes along with dishwasher safety. It contains a volume measuring jar. Its stainless steel tools are sharp-edged with durability.

It provides substantial support in the kitchen with ease. It offers a range of blenders for the active and workable people.


Country: U.S, Brazil, Italy, Canada, India, Germany and France

It is popular for innovating and enhancing quality products. It is an international brand and is a pioneer in providing and supplying household appliances worldwide.

It is deeply focused on making the lives sustainability with ease and in accomplishing their day-to-day activities instantaneously. It is considered to be a trustworthy brand.


Country: Sydney

It started in 1932 and went on to become an ideal international brand. It is concerned with improving the lives of the people by innovating well-crafted and exceptional smoothie blenders and distributing worldwide.

The products are manufactured based on consumer sagaciousness. It encourages people with the possibility to work with ease.


Country: U.S

The brand supplies end-users and professional kitchen appliances. It is a subsidiary of Electrolux. It is a trustworthy brand among other pioneer brands of home appliances. 

It has attributes that are easily accessible and possess standard machine parts such as sturdy blades to provide fulfillment with the durability of blenders.

Hamilton Beach

Country: U.S

The brand was introduced in 1910, with the production of versatile home appliances powered by motors. It constructs and supplies kitchen appliances nationwide.

It is best for blending basic ingredients and liquid foods effortlessly. It is portable and very small in size. Its one-touch function helps to blend faster.


Country: USA, France

For 25 years, the brand is innovating lavish and French-crafted baby appliances. It concerns the development of products that are specifically made for improving the life of parenthood. 

It has a range of products for making baby foods with ease. It can smoothly prepare an overall meal within 15 minutes.


Country: USA, France

It is invested in inventing, flourishing, and distributing legacy of the American ancestors which can be found clearly in the overall development and craftsmanship of the products.

It is specially and gradually developed for those who keep on demanding innovative products and regard for replacing the lifestyle of the kitchen.


Country: America, France

Carl Sontheimer introduced Cuisinart in 1971. It is configured with seven momentum including a pulse setting for regular intervals usage. It possesses a sturdy motor with rubber feet. The crock can contain 40 ounces. It is dishwasher safe. The blades beforehand need to be submerged in hot water for after wash.

Cleanblend Blender

Country: USA

The brand is constructively crafted to share and transfer commercial-grade fulfillment. It produces sleek and creamy compounds that one relishes. It leaves a fine granular texture.

It is a multipurpose blender that is convenient to operate. It possesses excessive processing potentiality and a sealed bearing for augmenting blending each time.

Koios Immersion Blender

Country: Germany

It is constructively designed by engineers to innovate standard products. It was examined using three commercial-grade for durability as compared to other competitors in the market.

It possesses a horsepower shaft for mixing ingredients to ultra-fined texture. Due to its smooth and glossy crafting, it’s easy to use and clean.


Country: USA

It is a product by Capital Brands Distribution, LLC. It offers a range of blenders including full-sized blender with more likelihood, space and power, and personal blender for instant and easy operation. The blenders are smooth and glossy with the potentiality to blend within a moment.

Instant Pot Instant Ace Nova

Country: Canada

The blender is an all-rounder in making both frozen or liquid foods including hot delicate soup using the heat compound. It instantly makes the food using its single functioning button.

It is long-lasting and comes along with a Patented meal tamper, measuring bowl, wiping brush, and a food strainer.

Magic Bullet

Country: America

It is a short and complex blender produced by Homeland Housewares that is the branch of global Alchemy. It is supplied across the world with its overall distribution taking place among 50 nations. 

It is publicized via TV networks and also distributed to retail stores through “As seen on TV” billboard

Morphy Richards

Country: U.K

It is a global brand with its remarkable identity in India possessing exceptional constructions and craftsmanship along with standards.

It offers an array of products that is popular and widely used by countless homes. It concerns the innovation of distinct standard products, machinery, and easy operation for making lives simpler.


Country: America, China and Europe

It is a brand of home appliances, accessories, kitchen appliances, fasteners that have been delivering since 1910. It was re-branded from Black & Decker to Black+Decker by Lippincott. 

It is focused for attracting end-users at a reasonable price. The brand offers a limitation in warranty services while displaying service centers online.

Brayden Fito

Country: USA

It is a brand of Homeeasy Industrial Co. Ltd. It is a smart kitchen appliance that lets you work and prepare food instantly and effortlessly. It is a rechargeable blender. It is a portable appliance that can be taken along anywhere and can be treated as a stylish accessory.

Concord Nutrition Blender

Country: India, Canada (Internationally certified)

It is a brand that offers a great quality of household appliances and electronic appliances that is widely popular worldwide. 

The engineers and highly skilled professional collaborates to innovate appliances with high potentiality and durability with minimum service requirement. It is globally accredited and is 400 times certified from worldwide authorities.

Kitchen Creation

Country: New Zealand, Auckland

The brand delivers kitchen expertise tools from small to big appliances. It is highly focused on delivering the best kitchen accessories and satisfy customer needs with some healthy kitchen solutions.

It provides standard and all-rounder products with reasonable prices. It also offers an array of stylish kitchen appliances and accessories. 

Calphalon Auto Speed Blender

Country: U.S

Ronald M. Kasperzak introduced the brand in 1963. It deals with the high-end standard kitchen appliances specifically for home cooks. It distributes kitchen products to hospitality sectors and other commercial sectors.

It has four operational predetermined settings, 10 convertible momentums, and a high-powered motor for automated detection of food densities.

Weston Brands

Country: USA

The brand is concerned with the development and production of kitchen solution products. It is a rapidly developing company that focuses on treating kitchen problems by providing before and after services. The company’s pioneers are mostly individuals that usually home cooks and understand the needs of such cooking problems.


Country: Netherlands

It is a brand that is best recommended for frozen foods or ice-creams. It does not produce loud noises and can be conveniently used for regular usages without being affected by the loud disturbing sound. Customers view it as a powerful blender that works fast and prepare meals quickly.

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