41+ Brilliant Black Logos of Popular Brands

A logo is the best form of brand identification be it the graphic, abstract or figurative design of a corporate body, a service, government agencies, products, or a sports team. The choice of a logo design and a logo color is of utmost importance as a logo is the first impression of what it represents.

black logos

The choice of a logo color thus gains immense importance. The first impression they say makes the last impression. Many well-reputed organizations and services use black as their primary color in logos. Black is the color of power and authority. It also puts across an impression of formality power and strength.

Black logos of Popular Brands

Black also represents sophistication, boldness, and cutting edge. In certain items, black looks more stylish and luxurious. The black logo used in certain items of packaging increases the trimness of the product. 


Much before Adidas went on to purchase the trefoil logo from Karhu Sports, they added three bars to its’ products. They were at first, known as, the “three stripe company”. All three stripes in a way, went on to convey the diversity as well as the international appeal. This was done by symbolizing three major lands. They were North America, Europe, and Asia. 

In the recent and updated logo, an upward-sloping mountain is shown. This mountain symbolizes the overcoming of the challenges that come in the way. The black and white logo is to support the fight against racial discrimination. The solid black color, further, depicts authority.

Apple :

The company was named “Apple”, only because the owner, Steve Jobs, liked the sound. The logo consists of an apple just because of the name of the company. There seems to be a bite mark, that refers to the “byte” from the computer language.

Due to the futuristic look attached to the logo, it becomes very effective. The Apple logo represents knowledge. The black color represents the “forbidden fruit”, from the Bible. The color is changed as per its’ products. The logo is sometimes seen to be in a rainbow color, or in an aqua color or black. Thus, there is nothing much, behind the color of the logo.

Mercedes Benz:

The three points that are indicated through the logo of the company, have a hidden meaning. They refer to the dominance of the company, overland, air, and sea. The color black represents Power and Strength.

The logo has another meaning attached to it. The logo resembles the automaker’s drive moving toward universal motorization. Moreover, the logo comes forth with the concept of reliability, quality of work as well as speed. Through thriving towards the goals set by them, the products are of high quality and immense comfort.

Furthermore, new cars can lead to almost 150 miles, per hour. Thus, being one of the manufacturers of the fastest cars in the market.

Louis Vuitton:

The logo is made of the initials of the company’s name. It is inspired by a Japanese- Flower motif. It was made, to counterfeit the designer goods of the Persian organizations. In recent times though, the symbol is attached to themes such as luxury, comfort, and fashion.

The logo, being black in color, indicates excellence, innovation, elegance and the dynamic attitude of the company. Hand-drawn typeface is used in the logo of the company. Though, in a few cases, the logo is also seen to be in silver color.

Though, no specific hidden meaning is attached to it.


While the original logo was a combination of brown and white, the recent one, is in the black- and- white or grey- and- white combination.

The change in the font makes it even easier to read. This bold font gives a huge emphasis on the name, which is derived from the family name of the founder, which means ‘nest’. Thus, the logo contains a logo having a single bird feeding its babies.

This symbol depicts the concept of family, the prime reason behind the establishment of the company. 


The best-fitted word for the company’s logo is ‘SWOOSH’. The word means a sound made by a fast movement or someone rapidly passing by.

Thus, the logo has a curve, defining movement. By providing elegance to the logo, the black color, is to targets the youth. The color also targets high-end customers. It gives a mysterious tinge to the logo and keeps people guessing its’ whereabouts.

Black has an eye-catching element. The tagline is also made in black, in order to catch the attention of the passerby. The color black resembles sophistication and success. Though of the disadvantages of the color is, that it is demeaning or controversial. 


Wikipedia is something, every individual looks up to, in case they want to know about something in detail. It recently took off the 2-D logo and introduced a 3-D puzzle.

This indicates how people can put together the pieces of information, available to them. The word in the logo is in bold and black, thus, being one of the most dominating and eye-catching logos.

It resembles the dominance it has, over the field of the internet. It further shows the authority that the site has, as it is one of the most searched sites on the internet. This is reported from recent research.

Calvin Klein:

The letters that have been put within the logo, seem to be dramatic. The black color in the background, with white letters on it, are a pop-up to the eyes.

The actress has shown us what Calvin Klein has to offer us, in the most dramatic and insolent manner. Thus, we are sure about one thing, besides the catchy logo, the brand also has a lot to offer us. 

Harley Davidson:

The brand new Harley Davidson logo catches the attention of every individual. It shows up the pop-up of the brand’s name and goes along with the most sold product, which is Motor Cycles. The company is on the verge of reaching new heights. In addition, the new logo adds more to the value of the company.


Gucci is a World famous brand, that is quite famous for all its’ accessories and other fashion items. This company has made a mark in the fashion industry, by constantly coming up with new products.

To add to it, the black logo of the company shows the authority that the brand has, over the fashion industry. It increases the face value and also brand value.

Gucci has successfully become one of the ‘top brand/s’ leading the fashion industry. Thus, it is taking over the industry, in a swift flow.


The deceptively simple symbol of ‘Honda’, comes in with a capital ‘H’. Thus, giving an emphasis on the brand name. The unchanged logo for over 50 years now, still has the same impact, as it had before.

The black in the logo, definitely describes, how strong and competent the brand is. It helps give more emphasis on the seriousness that this company retains, when, giving out a product in the market.

Mont Blanc:

Mont Blanc refers to the mountain in real, named Mont Blanc. The snow-covered picture on the right-hand side of the logo resembles the snow-covered peak of the mountain. It is the highest mountain in Europe.

As the name goes by, the company offers the best quality of products from the European craftsmen to its’ customers. The bold font puts much emphasis on the name of the brand. The contrasting color of black and white brings forth an eye-soothing logo.

Walt Disney:

Walt Disney is one of the most dominating companies in the world of cinemas. It also has its’ own products like toys and items of clothing, related to the kind of movies they make. The assertiveness of the company is seen, when there is use the black color for its’ logo.

It shows, how powerful the company is. Moreover, it gives a  reason to the audience, to appreciate the wonderfully done work by the company.


The logo of the company is made of three different but prominent colors. It is made of black, and white with a tinge of silver outlines.

While the color white resembles purity and peace, black stands for excellence and more power. The design is of the great British aristocracy and modern design. 


“Make. Believe”. Besides being the tagline of the company, it also shows the way in the logo. The black color of the logo indicates power and strength.

While, the white color, pacifies by standing for peace, harmony, and brotherhood. Thus, this is one of the most catchy logos in the market.


The logo is a resemblance to the contrasting theory of peace and struggles to become one of the most peaceful companies in the market. The logo has the name of the brand written alongside the logo. Thus, this creates a huge impact on customers.

Thus, these are a few of the brands that have black logos. Thus, one should go ahead and explore these brands in a better way. Such branding is done by these brands.


The Paris based luxury Goods Company was incorporated in 1847. Globally famous for its range of jewellery and watches, Cartier operates in 125 countries worldwide. Cartier branding is in a very sleek and sophisticated font and the logo consists of two C placed in an inverted way so that it looks like a bracelet or a ring.  


The 111-year-old French perfume maker is to this day a pioneer in luxury goods and accessories internationally. The Chanel logo is most identifiable in the luxury items segment globally. Two C s in upper case opposite each other and intertwined is one of the most prestigious in the fashion industry. It is presumed that the two Cs in the logo originated from the initials of the founder’s name. 

Coach New York:

Founded 79 years ago in New York, Coach is a prestigious brand marketing luxury handbags. The current logo is an illustration of a horse-drawn carriage with the coachman on top just above the COACH branding. New York is at the base, center aligned with COACH. The coach logo is reminiscent of elegance and majesty. 

Estee Lauder:

Based in New York, the company is a top-rated marketer of luxury items, skincare, makeup, and fragrances. The company positions itself as a premium marketer for branded luxury goods. The black logo is in a sleek typestyle and shows its niche class and extravagance placing the product ahead of others.   


The 110-year-old French company is undoubtedly the largest cosmetics company in the world with branches in almost all corners of the globe. The company branding is extremely stylish and elegant because of the type of style used. The logo stands for the nobility, wholesomeness, trustworthiness, and charisma of the brand


Owned by Viacom MTV is a US-based cable channel skewed to music content and  based in New York. The first logo was designed by Manhattan Design in 1981. Black has always been used as the base design. Since the channel is music television M lettering has always been thicker bolder and much more prominent compared to T and V. Most focus has been created on the letter M. 


The Milan-based Prada founded in 1913 is a niche and reputed Italian company specializing in luxury items, perfumes, handbags, shoes, etc. The logo for Prada is simple, bold easily readable from a distance as if exuberating confidence. However if one zooms in it can be seen that the logo is quite complex as the font is chosen consists of thick and thin strokes constantly.

Ralph Lauren:

Based in New York, Ralph Lauren is an American-based company in the niche fashion and luxury segments. The logo of the 53 years old group is very popular amongst the connoisseur of fashion. The iconic logo is patented in at least 100 countries globally. The black logo epitomizes the esteem, vigor, grace, and spotlessness that the company stands for. 

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