201+ Bisque Restaurant Marketing Slogans & Taglines

Bisque is basically a French-based soup cuisine, that is becoming more popular as time flies by. It is the particular taste of shellfishes that are used like crabs, lobsters, or shrimps that give it, its unique identity. Selling bisque packaged soup can turn out to be a very profitable business since it is considered a scrumptious delicacy and is in high demand.

However, like everything else, the marketing strategy for selling bisque must be very precise and properly sorted. Here are some slogans you can use as a head start for marketing your bisque brand.

Bisque Marketing slogans & Taglines

The taste of freshness.

Soup that keeps you in the loop.

Soups for the lob lover.

Fish and fresh.

No preservatives and still the best.

Taste health like nothing else.

Made of fresh fish.

Chunks of real fish added to start your day right.

Only the tastiest fish around.

Its shellfish, so share it and don’t be selfish.

When the smell just gets you.

Irresistibly yours.

The taste of sea.

Your daily dose of protein.

Keep it healthy.

Just can’t get enough of it.

Aromas of the good life.

Only the best fishes.

Fish out a packet for yourself.

Delicacies for the soul.

A starter to enjoy.

Boost your appetite.

Build up your immunity.

Finely garnished by tasty fish chunks.

When nothing but the best will do.

Fish doesn’t get any fresher than this.

French cuisine is what you need sometimes.

The French know their soup.

If exotic was a taste, this would be it.

Crustaceans that come fresh from sea.

Exotic moments.

Secret ingredients and herbs to make it richer.

Latest buzz in the soupy world.

Taste a spoon of some tasty shrimp soup.

Shrimp soup you fall in love with.

Love that grows with every spoon.

Made for a taste of greatness.

A treat of your favorite delicacy.

Your favorite delicacy now comes packed.

Carry your proteins with you.

The nutrients your body loves to absorb.

Taste a spoonful of healthy nutrients.

Your wholesome diet.

Bisque any day.

Bisque yourself to the brim!

A bisque of appetite.

A touch of green to lobster soup.

Richness of thick cream in every sip.

Thick and healthy.

Natural is the right taste.

Your companion during winters.

A quick sip.

A sip of fresh lobster soup.

Soup at your service.

Perfect blend of the right ingredients.

Taste a spoon of refreshment.

Your tummy’s favorite treat.

A blend of spices that add magic to the taste.

Aromas that addict.

 Magical to smell. Heavenly to taste.

Inspired by your taste buds.

Here comes the fish!

Juicy crustaceans in your bowl.

The choice of health enthusiasts.

Brimming of nature’s best.

Your treat starter.

Dine the perfect way.

Yum yum in every sip.

Want some? Get some!

Indulge in some exotic bisque.

Get yourself a packet of some fresh bisque.

A secret in every sip.

Seductive to taste.

Fill your moments with flavor.

Loves your taste buds as much as you love it.

A life full of taste.

The taste that matters.

Experience a spoonful of delight.

Healthy soups to get you healthier.

Ignition for your appetite.

Bisque again!

Here comes your favorite bisque.

Make the right choice in soups.

Bring in the exotic.

The trophy catch in your bowl.

Look no further for treats.

A bowl of fish treats.

For the lover of crabs.

Crab soup right in your bowl.

Why go to a restaurant anymore?

A fish full of freshness.

Add some soup for your soul.

Satisfy your appetite.

Bon Appetit Monsieur !

Variety of fishes coz we understand your choices.

Cooks in a minute.

Ready in a jiffy.

Open. Cook. Eat. Repeat.

A sip of lobs and shrimps.

Up your soup game.

When hunger picks, have a bisque.

A bisque full of brightness.

Get the good food.

Pamper your taste buds.

Give yourself a treat.

A quick tasty snack.

Smack your lips with a tasty snack.

Bowl full of bisque.

It’s creamy. It’s thick. It’s bisque.

When it’s thick you know its bisque.

Prepared by the best of the cooking profession.

Cook professionals at your service.

Made by the maestros of soup.

Not an ordinary bowl of soup.

Your on the move soup.

When thick is what you need, you need bisque.

Go easy with the bowl.

Made with love.

Cook it right.

You need some soup.

No more waiting.

Vegetables with the goodness of fresh fish.

Straight outta the sea and into your bowl.

Makes you go mmm.

Wake up to a warm bowl of juicy bisque.

The taste of real ingredients.

 Soups to suit your occasion.

Start your dinner with a bowl of fresh bisque.

Satisfy your sense of taste.

Healthy and satisfied.

The health of dietary fibers.

Bisque that gets you bowled over.

The right choice for healthy appetite.

Sets your appetite right.

Start the session of hunger.

Adventures for the foodie in you.

Awaken the foodie in you.

Heat it and eat it.

Just some fresh fish for life.

Take out some time for a bowl of boiling bisque.

Now you be the professional.

Only the real deal.

Uniquely delicious. Uniquely bisque.

Say no to laborious cooking.

No need of hassles while cooking.

Make your own bowl of bisque.

Set the table right.

Make way for quality at home.

The cook sends his wishes.

Here comes the lobster.

Crabs for the takes.

Shrimps smell better in a bowl of fresh soup.

Lose yourself in a bowl of good bisque.

Enrich your life.

Comes in many flavors.

Redefine the value of creamy soup.

Don’t miss out the fish.

No diet is complete without a bowl of fish.

Nothing fishy. Only tasty.

Take home the health.

Your tummy’s best friend.

Let your taste bud decide for itself.

Snack time means bisque time.

Give yourself the treat you deserve.

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