251+ Biscuit Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

 You must have seen advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of various products with one-liner captions. This is because youngsters are using these sites a lot and for that reason, all the businesses are choosing to market their products digitally. To do so, you need to have captions for your posts, to attracts everyone’s attention.

In this article, we are going to give you captions for your biscuit business. They are surely going to give you an idea for your next social media post caption, related to your brand.

Biscuit captions for Social Media

-The secret ingredient is obviously love.

-Because you wish to start your day with the best!

We are in the market to become your favorite snack.

-Your taste buds are going to love me.

-Popcorns are boring! Watching TV and need something to munch on? Have biscuits and promote health.

-Eat and never get fat.

-Biscuits and coffee can never go wrong.

-Share biscuits to make friends.

-Think coffee is boring? Take some biscuits too.

-Rainy day, a book and a beautiful view and our biscuits would make your day special.

Sweet memories, worth remembering.

-Going to meet relatives and not sure what gift to take? Take this dose of goodness with you.

-Waiting for your date is boring? Have biscuits in the meantime.

-Good news? Let’s celebrate by eating biscuits.

-We assure you of the quality, along with supremely rich taste.

-Little floor, less sugar and more love.

-Enjoy conversation with friends with the goodness of biscuits.

-Celebrate the Tea day with a dose of health and taste.

-Late night hunger? we have a solution.

-Help someone hungry but gifting them our biscuits.

-On budget and yet want to have a healthy snack? Grab a cup of coffee and a packet of biscuits.

-Friends coming over and you don’t know cooking? Offer them coffee and cookies.

-Combination of honey and oats, perfect dose for hunger and health.

-No time for proper meal, have few biscuits and you will be ready to go.

-Pressure of an upcoming date? Release the pressure, with a pack of biscuits.

Biscuit captions for Instagram:

-Need something tasty without compromising on your health? Have our biscuits.

-Corona has stooped your life? Thank god that you are safe with your family and can enjoy the biscuit with them.

-Hunger can’t trouble you now.

-Celebrate the family, gatherings with coffee and biscuits.

-You will find an excuse to eat these biscuits.

-Morning newspaper with hot coffee and biscuits. What else one need?

-Monsoon is the perfect season to have a cup of coffee and biscuits.

-Our biscuits are equal to happy mood.

-Life is perfect when you keep on eating and never gets fat.

Let’s chat over a pack of biscuits.

-Beginning of the day should be great.

-Finding common thing between our biscuits and your mom? It’s love.

-Authentic taste of America.

-Let’s re-taste the original taste of America.

-We introduce you with the best taste possible.

-We provide joy to your taste buds.

Stuck in something? Take a break, have a cup of coffee with our biscuit and you will be ready to restart.

-Why run from a conversation? When everything can be solved over a packet of biscuits.

-Our ingredients list is long, and love is the major one.

-Tell me something better than the goodness of oats, almond and honey.

-Biscuit, which would never fail to amaze you with its wonderful taste.

-Rich in taste and good in health.

-Picnic with family or friends? That can be more special with sharing biscuits together.

-Magic is in our hands.

-A habit of goodness.

-We spread magic of taste, in your world.

Biscuit captions for Pinterest:

-Working from home? Take a much-needed break every day and munch on some biscuits.

-Even your mother won’t stop you from enjoying our healthy biscuits.

-A biscuit, you can munch on without fearing cavity.

-All the goodness in a biscuit.

-Why use refined sugar, when we can use the goodness of honey.

-First step towards a beautiful day.

-Hunger troubles while working from home? Defeat that with our biscuits.

-Got no time to cook? Our biscuits can save the day!

-Less sugar and more fiber.

-Had a break-up? Take a break and eat biscuits to feel better.

Light on pocket, heavy by quality.

-Never think of hunger, when you have biscuits in the kitchen.

A biscuit that goes well anytime with coffee.

-Beautiful outside, delicious inside.

-Munch for crunch!

-Not sure hungry or not? Eat our lightest yet healthy biscuits.

-Ever heard biscuits are unhealthy? Not anymore!

When in doubt, eat these biscuits.

-Your health is our concern.

We have sorted your hunger and heath both at the same time.

-Who said eating biscuits is boring? Try our new mouth-watering flavors.

Take care of your health and hunger.

I had had enough biscuits, said, no one ever.

-Health and taste can go together.

We have a solution for your all type of hunger.

Biscuit captions for Twitter:

-Magical flavors for you.

Eat healthy, remain fit.

-Too much snacking is not even a thing.

-Forgot to eat? Have biscuits.

-Healthy can be tasty too.

-No time to prepare snacks? Have the biscuits with coffee.

-Mom is out and nothing to eat in the refrigerator? Biscuits with filter coffee is always a good idea?

-Ever enjoyed a beautiful view with a pack of biscuits in hand? Try it this monsoon.

Taste once, we promise, you can’t resist them. 

-Have a few bites of glucose before your sports day.

-You can’t eat just one.

Don’t worry, we took care of your nut allergy.

-Allergic to nuts? We promise, we haven’t added any.

-Mothers can’t be everywhere to save you from hunger. So, we took a step.

We serve as per your need.

A biscuit that will become your favorite in no time.

Unsure about a meal, have biscuits with your coffee.

-Your appreciation is our true gain.

-Dear human, you can take your time to rest a bit and enjoy biscuits.

-Going through a bad day? Forget it and eat biscuits.

We would never let you stay hungry, no matter what!

Give biscuits in your children’s tiffin and save them from eating unhealthily.

-You don’t need to belong to a particular-size, age, ethnicity to eat our biscuits.

We bet; you will never forget the taste of our biscuits.

-Not sure what to pack for tiffin? Well, keep the biscuits at least.

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