125+ Catchy Bird Captions for Instagram (Generator+Guide)

You’ve shot those beautiful pics of birds and want to share them on your social media. Having captions to support each pic makes your post stand out and more appealing to the viewer.

Here are some unique captions to accompany your bird pics and posts on social media. Don’t be surprised if they help get you the likes and followers you need.

Bird Captions for Instagram

The parrot is the only talking bird, but does it ever fly high? #flappybirds

Look at those birds swooping to hunt the fish. #perfectbirds

Though they accept one another in a cage, these captive birds yearn and crave to fly.

A bird cannot soar too high on its own wings alone.

No wild bird will ever want a cage as its home.

The sight of birds in natural surroundings makes us closely related. #nutsAboutBirds

When a little one is abandoned, birds of another tribe are there to take care of it.

The theropod, from whom evolved most birds, was a raptor believe it or not. #planetofbirds

If birds are in trouble, remember we will also be in trouble soon enough.

A bird born in a cage will always feel that flying is actually an illness.

I envy the way birds can go wherever they want whenever they want. #birdloverForever

The view from above is so clear.

So small, so fickle, so swift. #wings

The regal feel of navigating the skies. #beautyINbirds

So much tranquility even among the constant chirping.

That little fellow unfailingly pays me a visit every morning.

What a selfie with my parrot perched upon my shoulder. #birdwhack

My Polly loves chips, not crackers. ????

Those beautiful chirps of peacefulness.

Snapping the princely flight of the falcon. #birdWatchers

That’s just when she landed by my side and I was about to take a selfie anyway.

What melody & those whistles and tweets. #birding

Capturing the robin all puffed up before singing his number. #planetofbirds

Bright at the dawn sing the beautiful songbirds.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Instagram Captions

Love Birds Caption for Instagram

Must we be so callous as to cage away from the free spirit of a bird?

Till you actually can be a bird, be yourself. #eyeSPYbirds

The bird symbolizes the free spirit.

Freedom is what a bird actually embodies. #adorableBirds

Hi. See you soon. Bird watching now.

You may wait for my return, or join me at the sanctuary to watch birds with me.

The bird is what will make your time fly. #birders

Every bird sings out loud to hear himself and what clarity he has. #nutsAboutBirds

You know a bird by its feathers. #birdlovers

To be chained or caged is so inhumane and cruel.

The cry of a caged bird is mistaken as to its song.

Soaring the heavens in its grandeur. #adorableBirds

Like the eagle spreading its wings on a majestic flight. #splendidBirds

When you shoot a bird, you shoot the whole flock.

If we are like-minded and birds of a feather flock together, aren’t we actually feather-brained? #birdlife

Watching a bird’s eye view.

As the bird flies.

The bird is the word now. #beautyINbirds

And you think the caged bird sings?

Beware! Birds everywhere. #thetweet

So swift and eager as the hummingbird.

Wake up earlier than the birds and hear their sweet songs at dawn. #birdsSinging

When a bird looks at something it will tilt its head. #birdwhack

It is so cute to watch a bird when it looks at something with that quizzical expression.

Chirping Captions

Listen to the birds chirping and begin your day all happy and bright.

Chirping out of time creates cacophony.

I love to listen to the birds chirping in the garden.

Spring is all about butterflies and flowers and birds chirping.

All the birds chirping today are hiding in the almond tree.

I can hear the birds chirping but just can’t seem to locate them.

Different birds chirping in the morning are great to hear. #spring

How sweetly those sparrows are chirping.

Little children don’t talk but rather chirp away.

I love to hear you chirping away into my ears.

Are you reading or chirping?

Anything that jobs, I love.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love to hear a bird chirp?

I don’t need an alarm. The chirping birds wake me up anyways.

The sound of chirping is coming from those trees.

Oh, how much I love the sound of rustling leaves and chirping birds.

An elite lady will never talk but only chirp. #elite

Just so long as the birds are chirping softly, there is no problem.

Dove Captions for Instagram

Just like some doves, I want to be the one with the only one for all my days. #one

I am the Sun that is always loyal to his Moon as I come down so that we both can shine. #shine

The world is deceptive, but I will always be true to you. #true

No matter how cruel or mean my world gets, I will never stop loving you. #loving

I will hold your hand in the darkest hour, and I will never leave you. #hold

I do not know if our love is divine, but I know that for me, you are greater than any God. #God

If you are the Earth, then I am your Moon; I will always revolve around you. #revolve

If I have to search the entire planet for you, I will.

I know there are billions of people, but my heart only calls for one. #heart

You taught me how to live, and please stay to keep reminding me. #taught

Let’s fly in the air and get lost in the vastness of the sky, not to be found but for love. #sky

Just you keep breathing; the air will keep conveying love. #convey

You are that dream of mine that not even leaves me in the day.

Funny Bird Captions with Hashtags

I smile because of the great pose you’ve given me. #birdsonEarth

It’s so weird and yet so refreshing watching birds.

Bird watching actually helps build character. #dailyBirdWatchers

Silence actually helps us appreciate the birds around us. #wings

It is the first chirp of a bird that wakes me up in the mornings.

That sweet twitting of those beautiful little creatures. #flappybirds

A bird sings because of all the feelings that have welled up in it.

The birds usher in the new morning.

Those beautiful blooms seem to blossom in reply to the singing of birds. #birdloverForever

The dawn cracks to the beautiful singing of the joyous birds.

A bird doesn’t fear a branch breaking. #almightyBirds

The bird is confident of her own legs when she sits, ready to spring off when required.

So spritely and happy these birds are. #loveBirds

And arboreal haven for these sweet chirpy creatures. #birding

The three things to a bird: singing, flying, and all feathers. 


A bird is a messenger who makes us wonder.

A bird actually reminds us to taste that sweeter nectar called life.

The spirit of unrivaled joy.

So shrill and yet so soothing. #perfectbirds

The noise in our minds is erased by the sweet calls of birds.

Aeronauts are what birds are. #birdphoto

It teaches us the simplicities of life.

They are simpler and finer beings. #winged

Birds are simply miracles of nature who teach us to strive harder and yet remain joyous always! #birdlove

To see birds, silence is imperative.

Why cage them at all? #caged

Bird Captions for Instagram with Emojis

Spread your wings and soar 🦅🌟, just like the birds in the sky 🌤️

There’s something magical 🧙‍♀️ about watching a flock of birds 🐦 take flight together 🌟

The beauty of birds 🦜🌺 is in their colors 🌈 and unique personalities 🤗

Birdwatching 🦜👀 is not just a hobby, it’s a way of connecting with nature 🌿

From the majestic bald eagle 🦅 to the tiny hummingbird 🐦, birds come in all shapes and sizes 🌟

The melodies 🎶 of birds singing in the morning 🌅 is a symphony 🎵 like no other 🌟

Birds 🦢 are the ultimate symbol of freedom 🌟, soaring above the clouds ☁️ and beyond 🌟

The intricate patterns 🌀 on bird feathers 🦚 are a work of art 🌟, created by nature itself 🌿

Watching a mother bird 🐣 feed her chicks 🐥 is a heartwarming 🥰 sight to behold 🌟

Birds 🐦 are not just creatures of the sky 🌤️, they are important members of our ecosystem 🌿, playing vital roles in pollination and seed dispersal 🌟

The gracefulness 🦢 of a bird in flight 🌟 is truly a sight to see 🌅

The tiny hummingbird 🐦 is proof that big things come in small packages 🌟

The bright colors 🌈 of a bird’s plumage 🐤 can rival even the most vibrant flowers 🌺

The migration patterns 🌍 of birds 🦆 are nothing short of amazing 🌟, as they travel thousands of miles across continents 🌎

The playful antics 🤪 of birds 🐥 can put a smile on anyone’s face 😊

The sight of a bird 🦜 perched on a tree branch 🌳 is a reminder of the beauty 🌟 and wonder of the natural world 🌿

The symmetrical patterns 🌀 of a bird’s wings 🦋 in flight 🌟 are a marvel of aerodynamics 🌟

The intelligence 🧠 of birds 🐦 is often underestimated, with many species displaying complex social behaviors and problem-solving skills 🌟

The sound 🎶 of birds chirping 🐣 in the morning 🌅 is the perfect way to start the day 🌟

The beauty 🌟 and diversity of birds 🦉 is a testament to the incredible creativity and diversity of the natural world 🌿

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