130+ Berger Picard Captions For All Social Media

Hands down! We all agree that dogs aren’t just loyal but cute companions to be with. They stick with us when no one does. Here are a few “Berger Picard” captions that will increase the dog fever you already are suffering from. So do not forget to tag us and let us know.

Short Berger Picard Captions

I have two Berger Picards in this picture, and one is my inner soul. #soul

My Berger Picard went to a chalk’s basket and came out as Scarlett Johnson. #chalk

Has my Berger Picard gone too far? #far

A good Berger Picard is all about capturing a right angle. #right

This is Olive, my best companion, a proud and snooty Berger Picard. #best

He is just a Berger Picard who owns my house and my heart, all at once. #owns

Say hi, or else Berger Picards are good at throwing tantrums. #tantrums

I had a hard time choosing between good and best, thus went with Berger Picard. #hard

Berger Picard, a giant boy still a puppy at heart, wants to sit on my knee. #giant

Hey, if you are comfortable, so is my Berger Picard. #comfortable

The picture of my Berger Picard is far better than the cute wall picture. #better

There are two thirsty Berger Picards mine chose to be a complete asshole. #chose

Berger Picard is not allowed on the office couch, a daily act of rebellion. #rebellio

My Berger Picard is like, and you can’t tell me what to do. #what

When your Berger Picard wants extra bacon and chicken breasts. #extra

My Berger Picard fails to understand that he will not be getting any dog pizza. #won’t

This picture cost me two thousand bucks, just for the costume. #costs

My Berger Picard is willing to give away his entire loot to the sea pirates. #willing

A picture of my Berger Picard realizing it is his birthday cake. # realizing

Funny Berger Picard Captions

My Berger Picard needs a warm hug along with some treats. #needs

My Berger Picard broke into the trash bin, ate the leftover food, and slept there. #broke

My Berger Picard and I are two star-crossed lovers destined to meet once. #destined

It’s saddening that the Berger Picard’s feud between their families is falling these two apart. #saddening

The way the sun shines on the horizon, my smile beams while watching my Berger Picard play. #play

My Berger Picard just had two beautiful puppies; the family is complete. #complete

My Berger Picard often facetime me to tell me that he misses me. #misses

It’s okay, happy tears of Berger Picard are worth waiting for. #waiting

I have a little Berger Picard in my Starbuck’s Frap cup. #little

Yes, my Berger Picard certainly knows that I am madly in love with her. #love

My friend sent me a picture and Berger Picard and said nothing. #sent

I guess the picture of Berger Picard speaks for itself, thus no captions. #speaks

My Berger Picard can be the real Instagram influencer, and he loves to pose. #real

Berger Picard Captions for Facebook

Get set, and sing a song. We have a Berger Picard. #shoot

I wish Berger Picard were my cup of tea, but now I am his only pet. #pe

If you are not content with me, then give up on your Berger Picard too. #contented

Berger Picard is too good for your sour mood. #sour

Let’s say all the curses. Finally, it’s time to have a Berger Picard. #curses

No pain, no gain, just a saying but only a Berger Picard. #saying

The memories of Berger Picard will be of a lifetime. Thus, it is a must. #lifetime

 Change is swaying through ups and downs, but Berger Picard remains constant. #constant

We know exactly how to evolve into a Berger Picard after a week’s drudgery. #evolve

You can love your Berger Picard but at your own risk. #ownrisk

Berger Picard is my favorite partner in playing house of cards. #partner

All bad luck and sorrows of this year are mitigated after having a Berger Picard. #gone

Berger Picard Captions for Instagram

If you don’t like Berger Picard, you should cry about your choices. #pity

I like my sarcasm a little less than how much I love my Berger Picard. #sarcasm

Get a Berger Picard, your daily course of workout will be done, for sure, #daily

Bad thing happens in life, but when you own a Berger Picard, everything seems right. #shit

Either let me love your Berger Picard or should I leave? #love

Everyone looks up to new hope, and I want to look up to my Berger Picard. #new

My life’s forecast: only Berger Picard’s forecast. #only

I may not be a dog expert, but I can understand my Berger Picard fluently. #understand

This life of mine makes me crave a Berger Picard. #crave

Have you ever thought about another pet, like a Berger Picard? #thought

Return my Berger Picard; it’s not goodbye yet. #return

Let’s think of love and gift me a Berger Picard. #gift

What occurs in my mind prefers to remain between my Berger Picard and me. #prefer

Berger Picard and another Berger Picard are all I want to have. #want

All the year-round, I wait for the yearly bonus, and Berger Picard’s love #wait

Berger Picard is all you want; no explanation is needed. #all

Believe in your capabilities and get a Berger Picard. #believe

Berger Picard Captions for Twitter

Call me only if you want a Berger Picard’s love; I will be waiting. #call

I am floating on the sky’s horizon with my Berger Picard. #floating

Get a Berger Picard, and it will keep you entertained. #entertained

I often prefer to have an evening walk with my Berger Picard. #evening

Expensive gifts are overrated; get me an Akita, I shall be fine. #expensive

Let’s order a dog pizza together, and I will bring my Berger Picard over. #dogpizza

Our society only issue Berger Picard cards for being extra cut. #cute

The hardest decision of my life is: Berger Picard or Berger Picard #hardest

On Fridays, we play with our Berger Picard. #chilled

My Berger Picard is afraid of being cat-slapped. #slapped

My Berger Picard loves to sleep by a bottle of hot water, and it keeps him warm. #warm

My Berger Picard is pissed after knowing that I am pregnant. #pregnant

My Berger Picard is not ready to share mom’s affection with anyone. 

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