49+ Top Beauty Salon Brands in the World

One of the most relaxed and delightful places for both men and women. Everyone can have glamorous and healthy skin under the advice of elegant professionals in a beauty salon. Given below is a list of the best beauty salons in the world.

Top Beauty Salon Brands in the World

Beauty Connection Spa

Country – UAE

This beauty salon is the largest in UAE. They are solely devoted to providing their clients with the highest level of assistance and technology. Beauty Connection Spa is one of the main traveler sightseers of Dubai. With their highly experienced capability, their therapists offer extraordinary service. They encompass an extensive range of therapies, including waxing, gel nails, haircuts, pedicure, manicures, blow-dries, Moroccan baths, and threading in every department.

Carita The House of Beauty

Country: France

The beauty Salon was founded in 1951.  Representing French creativity and attention, this place is holding up on the Carita story and continuously changing itself to clarify the ongoing renewal of this brand. Again and again, their therapy techniques are arranged, and improved to unfailingly provide a remarkable experience and reflect the unique elegance of every woman.

John Barrett

Country- USA

Hairstylist John Barrett founded this beauty salon in 1996. Popular for creation and management. It was the first beauty salon to inaugurate the idea of a braid bar. There is also a ponytail bar in the salon.


Country- Switzerland

The award-winning impression of anti-aging outcomes that leaves a permanent belief in none other than the world’s top beauty spa company. Kosmetikinstitut has been running its business since 1999. They have been motivated and encouraged by the idea of bringing elegance from the hands of professionals to comprehending clients with advanced knowledge.

Maison de Joelle Jumeirah

Country: UAE

Joelle Mardinian, who is a beauty entrepreneur, opened this beauty salon in 2008. Offering its clients an all-around beauty experience in Kurdistan, Doha, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Dubai, and Tunisia, this beauty salon is the first salon that provides magical transformations to its clients.

Top 1 One

Country: England

One of the most popular beauty brands in the world. This beauty salon was established in 2005. They provide a whole range of hairdressing, nail and beauty services at an affordable price to their clients.

Lakme Salon

Country: India

One of the most reputable and top beauty brands In India and in the world. Lakme manages the first and only Lakmé Salons and Studios chain in India which offers professional services. This brand has nearly 10 Lakme Studios, and more than 100 Lakme Salons in 34 countries and provides grand facilities. 

Shahnaz Husain Spa and Salon 

Country: India

The Ayurvedic culture was brought by Shahnaz Husain in every spot in India. This beauty brand is one of the top brands in India in the area of anti-aging and real beauty treatments. Founded by Shahnaz Husain in 1970. The brand has vertically incorporated with time to cover all ingredients of Ayurvedic therapy and care. They have over 200 salons and spas in the world. The brand trades herbal beauty remedies and products. 

Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon

Country: India

The company presently has more than 300 salons in 21 countries. Jawed Habib, a popular qualified hairstylist opened the brand with a conception to offer excellent hairstyling and beauty treatments. The ambiance of this beauty salon and personalized assistance gives an assurance that the customers have a friendly reception and treatment. 


Country: India

They have more than 300 settings in 109 cities in 9 mainlands, including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

VLCC is extensively popular for its procedures to medically decrease body weight and its skin medication rehabilitation procedure. 

Unisex Natural Salon and Spa

Country: India

They have more than 100 salons in occupied locations of South India and nearly four new departments. Naturals are considered as probably one of the most impressive care centers. The brand is an idea publicized by Naturals. 

Loreal Professional

Country: India

The beauty salon provides personal beauty training courses, possibly the most imaginative assistance and business-building policies, amusing design knowledge, and products and, most particularly, a commitment to being one of the top beauty salons in India. Experts of this salon represent a devotion for luxury along with the most profitable technology and by founding the brand with best models, designers, and elegance and fashion publications to generate the profile of this beauty salon. One of the top beauty salons in the world.

Star and Sitara

Country: India

This is certainly an extraordinary unisex salon. They offer beauty treatments at a very affordable price. The emphasis and corner category are cheap and reasonable. Star and Sitara is India’s one of the top beauty salons. 

Green Trends Hair and Style Salon

Country: India

They are setters in price-conscious clients with a perfect arrangement of training solutions. With inexpensive fares, they provide stylish haircuts and color facilities, bridal packages and completed skin treatment choices. They have world-class hair care founders such as Schwarzkopf, Matrix, Loreal, Wella and a lot more.

Affinity Salon 

Country: India

A brand of luxurious and fashionable salons for both men and women that offer a foreign standard for elegance therapy and hair choices requirements. They also offer elegance services including makeup and skin treatments. They are popular for using natural ingredients.

Strands Salon and Spa

Country: India

Deluxe salon providing professional and highly qualified technological assistance from elegance industry experts. They are remarkably trained as genius stylists and give the assurance of fulfilling the needs of their customers while intending beyond their expectations. They are committed to offering an experience including outstanding and unforgettable service.

Illusions Color Salon Spa

Country: USA

Marian Stones is the owner of this brand who opened this beauty salon with the conception to build ‘The State of Art’ that provides the most wonderful and beneficial services to its customers by creating a receptive atmosphere. They have proficiency in salon services such as hairstyle, massage, waxing, facials, manicures, pedicures and a lot more.

Fringe Haircut Salon

Country: USA

They have been running their business for 20years. Sheryl Miller Ride who is an expert in Fringe hair art established this beauty salon which is the world’s one of the top beauty salons because of their service, hospitality, and suggestions. The salon is popular for the services it offers like hair cutting, waxing, the best quality product guidance, perms and hair colors such as Bleach, Ombre, Balayage and tone. 

Paris Parker Salons and Spas

Country: USA

The beauty salon was founded in 1992, as a ‘Test Kitchen ‘ for the development of the salon. But presently Paris Parker Salons and Spas is one of the best international salons. Full Aveda salon services such as nail treatment, Body wrap, Facial, Aveda Spa, Hairstyle, waxing, and a lot more services are offered by them. The goal of this beauty salon is to motivate self-belief and self-love in its customers by providing a flawless look.

Bijin Salon & Spa

Country: USA

One of the top beauty salons founded in 1988. Customers can experience a lot of new things such as blowouts, stress relief massage and so on, they also suggest the products that are suitable for customer’s skin. The furniture and services of Bijin Salon and spa are very impressive. It gives comfort and satisfaction to their customers that is why this beauty salon is one of the best salons in the world.

Salon Next

Country: America

The beauty salon was founded in 1999 by Kevin O’ Connor Tucker Fascula. Salon Next is one of the most liked beauty salons in the world because of its amazing service and styling proficiency. The place is so comfortable, relaxing and delightful that anyone can visit there undoubtedly. The main purpose of this beauty salon is to provide impressive service to its customers.

The Factory Salon

Country: USA

This is a group of people who believe in improving the elegance within their clients through outstanding service, environmental awareness, and progressive education. One of the best beauty salons based on the conception of Aveda.

Salon Cielo

Country: USA

This beauty salon provides a variety of services to combine glamor and elegance. Salon Cielo offers its customers outstanding services to bring the most delightful version of its customers. Hairstyling, waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials, massage and a lot more services are offered by Salon Cielo.

The Roose and Spa

Country: United States

The beauty salon provides head-to-toe services, facial, massage, and nail or hair services. The Roose and Spa give their customers the assurance of excellent client service and the best quality products. The proficient teams and welcoming atmosphere with remarkable services and standard knowledge made this beauty salon world’s one of the best beauty salons.

Salon U

Country: United States

This is an Aveda based beauty salon founded in 2002 by three beauty experts. The team gives its customers the assurance of optimum fulfillment. The most delightful services and wonderful atmosphere make the salon a noticeable and most popular salon. They have expert makeup artists and professional top-level stylists who Aveda philosophy for a remarkable transformation of the customer.

Muse Salon

Country: America

This salon is one of the top beauty salons that offer hair styling treatments and make up. Micah Yarbrough Magee opened this beauty salon in 2005. They improve the elegance of their customers through the best makeover, excellent hair, and styling. The professional team of this salon gives the assurance of extraordinary elegance experience to its customers.

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