201+ Bath Bomb Brand Marketing Slogans & Taglines

Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of ingredients that dissolve when wet and add oils, scent, bubbles or color to your bathwater. With rising affluence, the need for bath bombs has risen manifold. This is a product yet to be tapped to its maximum potential. Combined with a rising consumer base and less competition, it is a great opportunity to enter this market as a manufacturer.

Given below is a list of some slogans you can use for marketing bath bombs.

Bath Bomb Brand Marketing Slogans

The Elite Club.

Ease of a comfortable bath.

Fragrances. Comfort. And you.

It feels like lying down on an island of your own.

The comfort of spa at home.

Enhancing the senses.

The sizzler for your bath.

Eye candy for comfort.

The luxury of a five star.

Spa style of the Romans.

Spa therapy redefined.

Essence of yoga from the comfort of a bath.

For women who do too much.

Clinically tried and tested.

For a skin that glows.

Refreshing you with freshness.

Bath that soothes your soul.

The explosion of goodness.

Sensations of a lifetime.

Soft on skin. Hard on germs.

Energizing you.

Gets you ready for every obstacle.

Leaders in bath bomb manufacturing.

Heals your body like a doctor.

Preferred by hygiene experts.

Made for the star in you.

Germs stand no chance.

Fragrances you just can’t live without.

Heavenly fragrances with maximum benefits.

A bomb that makes you ask for more.

You come first. Every time. Always.

Experience that will keep lingering on

Skin-soothing smooth

Bath bombs for the elite.

Best quality at affordable prices.

Treatment your skin needs.

Formulas for life.

All you did not expect- natural herbs, essential oils.

A natural explosion for your body.

Gentleness redefined.

Redefining luxury.

Magic in the making.

A moment of refreshment.

Coz you deserve a relaxing therapy!

Much needed luxury.

Indulge yourself in an exotic getaway.

Premium aroma filled bath bombs.

The latest in bath bomb products.

Innovating freshness in small installments.

A burst of health.

As relaxing as it gets.

Turns your skin soft and silky.

Nature’s best ingredients mixed with milk.

A bomb worth your skin.

Crafted particularly for sensitive skin

A breath of serene air around you.

Bubble bath that enhances your beauty.

Perfect and pure.

Fragrances to make you fresher.

The gift of nature.

Naturally yours.

Cost-effective treatments for a healthier you.

Your skin wants more of it.

If you have a bath, you better have us.

Certified by dermatologists.

Made by us. Used by all.

The closest you can come to perfection.

Chemically tested for a healthy experience.

We understand your bathing needs.

Crafting the art of explosive beauty.

The bathing you always wished for.

Bath bombs to make you fresh and going.

Perfectly crafted purity.

Inspired by your beauty.

The nutrition your skin needs.

Bath bombs- purely organic for amazing skin

The massage therapist for your body.

Bubbly feeling within.

Aromas of health and hygiene.

Make some happy memories with us.

The peacefulness you deserve.

An all-rounder in every aspect.

Your happiness. Our guarantee.

Preparing you for the perfect occasion.

Beauty treatments for your skin.

Live life- luxurious and glorious

Feel like a Royal.

Naturally schone and shining.

Fizzy bath bombs for a fantabulous you.

Makes you the bomb of the party!

Bath like never before.

Smooth bath bomb. Silkier you.

Simply bombalicious.

A gift from us to you.

Nature in it’s finest.

The latest of bath bomb varieties.

Add bubbles. Add brightness.

Approved by the elite world over.

The colors of life.

Creating the natural fizz.

Full of natural and essential oils.

Bombastic bathing.

Cleanliness has a new look.

Finally a bomb the world loves.

Kindness for your skin.

Your skin deserves that pampering.

Be a fresher you.

The impression that lasts a life time.

We gain your trust. One blast at a time.

Enhance your beauty.

Bubbly and fizzy.

Rejuvenation your skin needs.

Beauty locked away in a bath bomb.

A bomb to brighten up your mood.

Essential oils mixed with the goodness of milk.

Bomb that boosts your immunity.

Unique from every aspect.

Bubbly baths to keep you bubbly within and without.

Bath bombs that everyone deserves.

Let your imagination run wild.

Passionate bathing for the special moments.

Create a crazy moment.

Don’t let it be just ordinary.

Because ordinary is boring.

Always extraordinary. Always special.

End your day on a special note.

The perfect start for your day.

A bomb that spreads love.

Diffuse yourself within this bomb.

Aromas you could sink into.

Aroma therapy in the comfort of a bath.

We understand your love for your skin.

Only the best or nothing.

Nothing but the best.

Make bubbles. Forget the troubles.

Freshness the skin can breathe through.

Respect your body and skin deserve.

Bath bombs for a glowing skin.

Restfulness guaranteed.

Building bonds for a life time.

Your daily dose of ecstasy.

Ecstasy wrapped in a bomb.

Let your body speak for itself.

Quality that speaks for itself.

Become one with nature.

Let nature deal with you

Finely crafted for comfort.

Live the moments.

A new toy for your bath.

Time for a heavenly bath.

Rejuvenate from within.

Turn your bathroom cheerful.

Rainbow bathing for a colorful you.

Scented baths for a joyful you.

The best way to moisturize your skin.

The new way of bathing.

Master of the senses.

You’ll never bath without it.

Bath bombs that last long.

Skin care professional in the palm of your hands.

Eliminate germs from your the professional way.

Make it special with your special one.

A romantic getaway.

Treats all types of skin.

A remedy in every bomb.

Shine like the sun.

Handpicked fragrances to hypnotize your soul.

Unlock the secret to healthier skin.

Live the fantasy.

Five star glamour revealed.

Step into luxury. Step out radiant.

Fragrances that attract.

For skin you fall into love with everyday.

Time for luxury.

Fresh start for a fresh day.

Evolved science of hygiene.

Formulas developed scientifically.

We care for your skin the way you do.

Specializing in skin care.

100% natural. 100% pure.

Bring out the glow in you.

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