130+ Basenji Captions For All Social Media

It might not be known to many, but the percentage is a dog breed originally belonging to the Congo of Africa. They are great hunter dogs who can hunt easily by sight and smell.

Clever as they are, they have also proven to be wonderful pets. If you have a Basenji dog home, here are some captions which you can use when you post a picture of your dog on your social media handles.

Short captions for the Basenji dog breed:

-I just want to welcome my furry new family member to the tribe.

-My dog is so clever and endearing that at times I feel you have enough words to appreciate him.

-No words will be enough to appreciate the kindness, loving nature, and unconditional love that a dog has to offer to his parents.

-I hope someday I can match the levels of his energy so that he gets the right amount of exercise that he needs to function properly.

-My pet is my whole world, and there is no doubt about that.

-A paw to hold me at my lowest and motivate me to keep going in life is everything that I could have ever asked for from the universe.

-A hunter breed turning into the best family companion ever is the kind of upgrade we all need in our lives.

-The best part about having a basenji dog breed at home is that he’s always on high alert mode, so he is always a step ahead of us.

-I keep wondering how a dog can be so adorable and endearing.

-Oh, I hope that I continue to make more loving memories with my adorable pet.

-May the light of wisdom keep shining upon my pet all the time.

-If you’re looking for a caption, there is no point in it.

-If you have been looking for a clever, witty, smart, and affectionate talk, your search might end here.

Funny captions for the Basenji dog:

-The great furry member of our family comes first over me nowadays.

-I just got to know that my pup can make for a great first-timer dog.

-My dog is capable of attracting visitors with his friendly nature and ‘barkless’ attitude.

-My dog mixes and gets along so well with people that they have begun to call me antisocial instead.

-I am sure you are not ready for the Basenji dog’s unique temperament.

-I never knew that my parents would surprise me with a dog on my 10th birthday.

-I was never prepared for what life was awaiting me.

-I just got to know that my dog was peeping into your Instagram DMs.

-Trying to make him pose for a photograph is an ordeal for me.

-Living with this breed has surely given me a reality check, if not anything else.

-Living with my dog has given me the best experiences and most fruitful moments of my life.

-The personality of my dog often amazes me.

-My pet is usually very friendly, but he also has a stubborn attitude which resembles a lot with me too.

-At times, I wonder if my life is a joke because ever since my pet has arrived, people have almost forgotten that I exist in this family.

-Somebody, please arrest my bed for being so cute and friendly.

-My dog is miles ahead of me when it comes to stealing the spotlight.

-I wonder if people know what hides behind this cute and innocent smile of his.

-I wish I were half as active and sporting as my adorable pet is.

Instagram captions for the Basenji dog breed:

-He listens to all my commands in absolute silence, but whether he will live up to it or not is a doubt that I can never answer.

-My pet just got to know that he has an Instagram family that loves him so well.

-The way my dog uses his intelligence just to gather all the attention in the world is truly remarkable.

-At times, I wonder if it is his wit or his cuteness that has assembled so many people on one platform just to know about his regular updates.

-In case you want more updates about my dog, hit the like button and follow my account.

-My dog is one of the most remarkable pets I have ever come across and serves my family to the best of his abilities.

-I had no idea that a hunting breed could turn into such a wonderful family companion that my parents would count me out and take him in.

-When my parents brought him home, I did not have the slightest idea that one day, he was going to be my go-to place for any trouble.

-My dog is no ordinary pet because he’s my best friend and my strongest supporter at all times. #extraordinary

-He is the calm that I find amidst the chaos of the world.

-The Instagram family is the extended family that my pet has got.

-We are thankful for the love and care that we have received from people we have never met to date.

-My pet loves to sneak into the world of Instagram to know how his friends are doing.

-Happiness is hugging my pet after a tiring day at work. #bliss

-Because of him, my life turned into a blessing in disguise.

Twitter captions for the Basenji dog breed:

-My dog is that gift from the Almighty which I received without even asking for it.

-I knew that I could not buy happiness, so I decided to adopt it.

-Ever since this dog has walked into my life, the meaning of unconditional love has completely changed for me.

-You make me a better man, and I’m so thankful that I have you with me in this lifetime.

-When I die, I hope I can live beside the soul of my loving pet.

-The good and the bad, the best and the worst – all that I am, I owe it to my dog.

-God decided one fine morning that this kid deserves all the happiness in the world, so he gifted me with an adorable dog.

-I never knew I was a dog person until this ball of sunshine walked into my life. #happyus

-I was never pet friendly, but ever since he has walked into my life, he has turned into my center of existence.

-The best thing about a dog is that they have a heart of gold, and they can do anything for their parent.

-To the world, he might just be a puppy, but to me, he is my whole world.

-I had no idea that a dog could turn the tables and make me a better person.

-My dog has seen me go through different phases of my life, and he still chose to stick by my side through every thick and thin.

-Having you by my side makes everything ten times better.

-I decided to count my blessings this morning, and I counted you twice.

-If I had to make a list of everything that makes me happy, I would mention your name a hundred times.

-Having you by my side during tough times makes me feel easier to breathe.

Facebook captions for the Basenji dog breed:

-The loyalty of a dog can never be tested because it is unmatched.

-The honesty that my dog shows towards me truly leaves me speechless.

-I could close my eyes in blind faith, knowing that there is someone who will protect me from all the shortcomings of life.

-During every trial and tough times, even when people leave, I find my dog sitting right beside me, assuring me that things will get better.

-I do not know what I must have done in my previous life to be blessed with such a wonderful pet in this lifetime.

-He has no idea how fortunate I feel to be able to parent him. #gratitude

-The greatest blessings in your life are the ones that you never saw coming.

-When I saw him for the first time, I had no idea that he would turn so important in my life that I could not even go for an hour without thinking about how he was doing.

-My mind travels along with my dog because I am always concerned about his well-being. #inseparables

-I wish there was a way by which we could pause a moment because the memories I share with my dogs are irreplaceable.

-If I could go back in time, I would choose to live a couple of moments twice because no matter how hard I try, no time spent with my dog is long enough.

-He is the beacon of light that guides me towards the right path in life.

-People who do not love animals will never know the language that we use to communicate with them.

-One cannot help but fall in love with such an adorable puppy. #adorable

-I hope I can live long enough to watch my pet live the life that he truly deserves.

-I wish I had a way to let him know about how much he matters to me as well as the rest of the family members.

-Thank you for showing me the light of love and happiness that shines from within your soul.

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