120+ Catchy Banchan Captions for Instagram (Generator+Guide)

Social media is the platform where you can expect your posts to get noticed. And to give your posts an extra edge, you need your posts to be accompanied by great captions. Here’s a list of absolutely succulent captions for you to use with your posts on banchan. 

Banchan Captions for Instagram

The number of items on the table is so overwhelming. #overwhelm

The pleasure these small side dishes bring to the palate is mesmerizing.

Sheer pleasure just seeing all that food. An absolute delight tasting them all.

What a grand way to entertain your guests with. #grand

This spicy Korean style mayo is what works wonders with French fries and chips.

Bellflower root salad is a great choice for a banchan. #banchan

A full meal can include at least 4 to 5 different banchan. #fullmeal

Amusing myself with the various tastes of so many smaller items. #tatses

These little bowls are present to make the meal more of an adventure.

Bokkeum is what I love among all of the banchan.

Try some of my Korean zucchini. They are pan-fried too. #zucchini

Crazy for banchan. Crazy for the good things in life. #crazy

This dish of cucumber pickles with lemon is a wee bit too good to let go of.

Banchan really complements the flavor of the main dish. #compliment

The most wholesome meal one can desire.

The strong flavors make them easier to eat with rice, and also help complement the main dish.

Fall in love with the many little dishes we have ready for you. #fallinlove

Spicy dipping sauces are little delicacies that complement any Korean main course.

Wow! So many small bowls. And so many items to finish at a single sitting.

I think these are bibimbap sauces. #bibimbap

It is so healthy and tasty as well.

Life’s really good when you have banchan to eat.

Feels like a collage of tasty dishes with the table as the canvas. #canvas

Pink radish pickles are actually quite healthy.

The kimchi is so common, but you will never get bored.

A delectably delightful dose of desires. #desire

What pampering you get here. all with their food.

It’s simply lovely the way one can combine the banchan with rice, and even with themselves too.

A gourmet’s pleasure for sure. A chef’s pleasure too. #gourmet

These are the four dipping sauces that I am known to make.

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Funny Banchan Captions

If you haven’t had banchan you have missed out a lot in life.

Banchan is what I exist for. #exist

Indulge yourself in a grand combo of banchan.

What a pleasurable experience it is to have so many banchan each time.

It is quite easy to make cucumber salad.

You just can’t stop eating once you begin. #eat

The best that could ever happen at a dinner table is banchan.

Care to have banchan? Come over to my kitchen now.

Mother makes an extra banchan for my birthday each year. This year am turning 30.

You will love the jeon that my mother makes. #jeon

Green onion salad is my favorite small side dish. #sidedish

Enjoy all the banchan s this joint has to offer. #enjoybanchan

Korean food actually allows you to eat the dishes in any sequence, or even together.

There are so many dishes that are offered in one meal alone.

What a way to eat. So many dishes to taste. So many flavors. So many tastes. So thrilling.

You are bound to cherish every meal you have in our home.

Pickled daikon radish is a good choice for a banchan. #daikonradish

Tofu in spicy ketchup will give you the thrilling adventure you always wanted.

Want to eat many items at once? Try a full Korean meal. The number of dishes will surprise you.

Have this platter all through the month. #platter

The zeal in them shows in their food, more in the banchan. #zeal

It is just a single meal irrespective of the huge number of dishes that you get to eat at one sitting.

Cabbage salad as a banchan must be tangy but sweet as well.

My new love is banchan of any kind. #newlove

Small little bowls of different items. Big satisfaction from all the bowls.

I love this joint because they spoil me for choice.

Indulge yourself in this pleasurable sin called banchan. It is a blessing in disguise.

The dishes keep coming. You just can’t stop this. #neverending

My banchan are easy to cook, soft on the pocket, and extremely tasty. #easytocook

The Koreans just love watching their guests gorge on the multiple items that they offer.

These small side dishes are the essence of any Korean platter.

Home-cooked dishes are the best one can enjoy most. #homecooked

Any foodie will delight in these basangs. #basang

This is the non-spicy kimchi that my kids simply adore.

This rich creamy fruit salad is the best of all banchan.

The jeuk-seok banchan are the freshes banchan one could ask for.

Never expect me to share my banchan. #share

Pickled onions and pepper make great ingredients for banchan.

Dad’s not a Korean but he makes beautiful kimchi. #kimchi

Spice coleslaw can be a good option for a banchan.

Braised potatoes Korean style, with sesame seeds. #braisedpotatoe

Natural preservatives do help in keeping refrigerated meet-banchan fresh over a period of time.

These can be refrigerated as well. #refrigerate

The variety of banchan make them so much more unique.

Full to the brim, but not feeling heavy.

Corn cheese is a great idea for a banchan.

Try some fish pancakes too. #fishpancakes

Making three to four banchan every day is the secret to the number of banchan on my table.

Eat with friends and family, and let everyone rejoice in each other’s company.

Making friends over banchan and rice. #banchan

A meal for 4 can include around 25 items. #meal

The Korean dipping sauce is an important item among your offering of banchan.

These tuna patties are just mesmerizing.

Great as a small meal as well. #smallmeal

A restaurant that actually offers real Korean delights. All in one meal.

Very much filling, but light as well. #filling

This meal is a foodie’s dream meal in reality.

Salads are an essential part of banchan. #banchan

Banchan Captions with Emojis

Banchan 🍚 is the perfect way to add some variety to your meal 🍴

Don’t forget the Banchan 🥢! These flavorful Korean side dishes are the perfect complement to any meal 🍽️

Banchan 🍛 is like a little taste of Korea 🇰🇷 on your plate 🍽️

From pickled veggies 🥒 to savory pancakes 🥞, Banchan 🍱 offers a wide range of delicious side dishes to try 🤤

Make your meal a little more exciting 🎉 with a spread of colorful and flavorful Banchan 🥗

Banchan 🍲 is perfect for sharing 🤗, so gather your friends and family for a Korean feast 🥳

Banchan 🍢 is proof that sometimes the best things come in small packages 🎁, with its delicious variety of bite-sized side dishes 🍴

Don’t just stick to the main course 🙅‍♀️, explore the world of Banchan 🍱 and discover new flavors and textures 🌟

Banchan 🍚 is a great way to add some healthy veggies 🥦 to your meal, without sacrificing flavor 🌶️

Banchan 🥢 is a culinary adventure 🗺️, with so many different flavors and textures to explore 🤩.

Banchan 🍲 is a great way to add some color 🌈 and variety to your plate 🍽️

Love Korean cuisine 🇰🇷? Don’t forget the Banchan 🥢 for the ultimate Korean dining experience 🍽️

Banchan 🍱 is the perfect way to try a little bit of everything 🌟, with its diverse selection of tasty side dishes 🍴

Looking for something healthy 🥗, flavorful 🌶️, and satisfying 🤤? Look no further than a spread of Banchan 🍛

Banchan 🥢 is perfect for when you want to mix and match different flavors and textures 🤗

Want to impress your guests 🎉? Serve up a variety of colorful and delicious Banchan 🍱 for the ultimate Korean dining experience 🇰🇷

Banchan 🍚 is the perfect way to balance out a rich and savory main course 🍖, with its light and refreshing side dishes 🥒

Don’t underestimate the power of Banchan 🥗! These little side dishes can pack a big punch of flavor and nutrition 🌶️🥦

Banchan 🍲 is a testament to the artistry and creativity of Korean cuisine 🎨, with its beautiful presentation and complex flavors 🌟

Banchan 🍢 is a fun and interactive dining experience 🤩, with its mix-and-match approach to different flavors and textures 🥢

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