List of 40+ Best Aveeno Brand Slogans 

Aveeno is a brand which basically manufactures as well as famous for its wonderful hair care as well as skin care products. This company is actually owned by the multinational giant company Johnson and Johnson. This company was established back in the year 1945. The founders of this company were the Musher Brothers, Albert and Sydney. The very first product which they launched was a Soothing Bath Treatment.

Some unique ingredients that the products of this company use in their manufacture are like oat extract – avenanthramides, and also the colloidal oats. All of these ingredients are thus named as the active natural. These products are served worldwide. The headquarters of this company are based in Canada. The name for this skin care products company had been derived from the scientific name, used for the common oats AVENA SATIVA.

Aveeno Brand Slogans 

Better ingredients. Better skin care. Aveeno. 

Naturally beautiful results 

Active naturals 

It’s a simple equation 

Healthy skin equals beautiful skin 

The secret of radiant skin 

Positive thoughts and Aveeno

Healthier looking skin 

What goes with everything? Beautiful skin 

Discover the everyday routine for extraordinary skin every day 

Experience light as air, barely there, beautiful skin hydration 

Twice the moisture 

2019 Goals, Skin Bliss 

Wake up to youthful, hydrated skin 

One nature’s miracle for another 

Choose Aveeno Baby for your baby’s sensitive and irritated skin 

Active Naturals Oat 

Baby it’s cold outside 

Gently cleanses and protects baby’s dry, sensitive skin every day 

Eczema relief for babies 

Beautiful hair starts at the root

Hair care with soothing Oat as the first ingredient 

Finally sun protection that keeps working so you can keep playing 

I love summer, now my skin does too 

Cleanse. Clarify. Beautify. 

Natural beauty is ageless 

Introducing the new prescription to fight ageing 

Now it’s actually healthy to wash your hair everyday 

Recommended by 9 out of 10 women 

Moisture on the go with Aveeno 

Proven to soothe and moisturise dey skin from day 1 

With the power of oats

Feel good in your skin 

Happiness which you can feel 

No. 1 Baby Eczema Brand 


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