51+ Best Audi Slogans

Audi AG is an automobile company that is actually based in Germany. The parent organization of this automobile company is Volkswagen. This company designs produces, manufactures as well as distributes luxury vehicles. The name of this company had been derived from the Latin translation of the last name of its own founder, “August Horch”.

Audi Brand Slogans

“Vorsprung durch technik”

“Vision Becomes Reality”

“Truth in Engineering”

“Creating Tomorrow. Today”

“Join the business of progress.”

“Update your status with status.”

“More than a feeling.”

Audi A4 Limousine: “Some wear grey better than others.”

Audi R8: “Minor details to you, major details to us.”

 “Born on the track. Built for the road.”

“Then again, maybe you don’t have a few minutes.” 

“Anything else is just a supercar” 

“Witness the birth of automotive perfection.” 

Audi R8 GT: “JOOOOY, Finally has meaning”

Audi A4: “Out of the Dark.”

 “Command center.”

“I am hungry.”,

 “Audi A4. As unique as you.”

 “Driveables are trending.”

Audi TT: “Beauty and the beast”

“Eine Ikone kehrt zurück.”

Audi Q7: “In 5 seconds it takes to expose this photo, the Audi Q7 can hit 65 mph.”

 “Greatness. On high octane.”

“Greatness. Starts when you don’t stop.” 

“Tall, dark and extra handsome.” 

“Sport technology vehicle.”

Audi A3: “Step into luxury”

“Upgrade to luxury.”

“Progress in it’s DNA.”

 “Way ahead.”

Audi A5: “Cross that line.” 

“Not usually the colour associated with envy.”

Audi A3 Sedan 2016: “Lo sabes, están hechos el uno para el otro”

Audi A7 Sports back: “Jealousy”

“Witness the future of intelligence.”

Audi A8: “Not just a car”

Audi A3/A4/A6/Q3: “Future proof. Tomorrow’s value, Guaranteed today.”


“There is no good enough reason to wait.”

“All Candy, Zero guilt.”

“You blink, you miss.”

“Audi Rush.” 

“Maintaining now as simple as buying.”

 “Best decisions never came this easy.” 


“Driving efficiency for peace of mind.”

Audi A range: “Simply Irresistible.”

“Pure German techno.”

“The Unbeatables.”

 “Brute Intelligence.”

Audi S5: “Putting the S in ‘best’. And vice-versa.”

Audi SQ5 TDi: “Because the first word in SUV is Sport.”

Audi RS4 Avant: “The legend, Redefined.”

 “ Zero down in nothing flat.”

Audi A5 Sports back Quattro: “A perfect day for Quattro.”

Audi Australia: “Australia, land of Quattro.”

Audi A1 Sport back: “Young, ambitious and driven.”

 “It fits perfectly.”

Audi Q3: “It’s a Q3 takeover.” 

“Young is the new wise.”

Audi Q5: “Love. Power.”


“Your new companion.”

Audi A6 Matrix: “ Yes, we’re paying for it.”

Audi Gurugram: “Progress has a new pincode.”

Audi 100 ls (1969): “Tailored to British tastes.”

Audi 5000s (1978): “We don’t style cars. We design cars.”

Audi Fox (1976): “Sure Footed, The Fox by Audi.”

Audi Silver Fox (1976): “Buy your wife a Silver Fox by Audi. It’s her size.”

Audi 4000s (1980): “The art of engineering.” “A car is only as good as driver.”

Audi 1973: “8 great cars in one: The 1973 Audi.

Audi e-tron: “Releases adrenaline. Nothing else.”, “e-lectrifying.”

Audi A6: “Dare to Compare.”

Audi Sport: “Joining the Team” “There is no place above No. 1. But you still can become better No. 1”

Audi in Diwali: “Fireworks for grown-ups.”

Audi Service: “Make the beat of winter.”

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