Top 50+ Best Athletic Brands in the World

Athletic contests or sports are tournaments that are mainly based on physical competition, mandating the qualities of skill, fitness, and stamina. With so many athletic brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top athletic brands in the globe.

Athletic Brands in the World


Country: Germany

This transnational firm created and has its department in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas is focused on producing and designing accessories, shoes, and apparel. It is considered as the massive sportswear factory in Europe and the second biggest in the globe. This holding corporation for the Adidas Group comprises the sportswear corporation Reebok.

Nike Inc.

Country: United States of America

US-based this transnational firm is focused on global marketing, producing, development, design, and exchanges of equipment, footwear, accessories, apparel, and services. Nike has its high department near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland municipal area. Nike Inc. is the globe’s biggest distributor of competitive clothing and shoes. 

Under Armour

Country: United States of America

This US-based corporation specializes in the manufacture of casual clothing, sports, and footwear. The international departments of Under Armour are in Baltimore, Maryland with extra departments in Toronto, Shanghai, Seoul, Santiago, São Paulo, San Francisco, Portland, Pittsburgh, Paris, Panama City, New York City, Munich, Mexico City, London, Jakarta, Houston, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Austin, and Amsterdam.

Puma SE

Country: United States of America

This German global company produces and designs accessories, apparel, casual footwear, and athletics. With departments in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, it is the third biggest factory of sportswear in the globe. The firm was created by Rudolf Dassler in 1984. 


Country: United States of America

North America-based this firm of apparel and footwear was created in 2005 in Bolton. Since its founding, the firm has been associated with Germany-based sporting products company Adidas. Reebok concentrates on manufacturing amazing athletic products.

Oakley Inc.

Country: United States of America

With locations in Lake Forest, California, and associated with Italy-based corporate giant Luxottica, produces, develops, and designs lifestyle pieces and athletic equipment Including optical frames, backpacks, watches, ski/snowboard, sunglasses, accessories, shoes, apparel, goggles, and sports visors. The company now carries over 600 patents for materials, eyewear, and performance gear.

Columbia Sportswear

Country: United States of America

This American firm is focused on the distribution and manufacture of outerwear accessories, ski apparel, camping equipment, headgear, footwear, sportswear, and outerwear. With departments in Cedar Mill, Columbia Sportswear was created by Paul Lamform in 1938. 


Country: United States of America

This American factory of skateboarding apparel and shoes was acquired by VF Corporation and located in Santa Ana, California. The firm also promotes motocross teams, BMX, snowboarding, and surf. Since its founding in 1996, they have been the main supporter of the annual Vans Warped Tour touring rock celebration. The firm was created by Jim Van Doren and Paul Van Doren.


Country: France

This French corporation was created by tennis player André Gillier and René Lacoste in 1933. It trades watches, towels, perfume, leather goods, eyewear, sportswear, footwear, and clothing. As of 2012 Lacoste Swiss household operated group Maus Frères purchased this company.


Country: United States of America

This American firm produced an athletics appliance, trade its commodities under several associates and trademarks such as Spalding and Russell Athletic (its flagship brand). Once a publicly marketed corporation, Russell Brands was developed by Fruit of the Loom in 2006.  The company was started as Russell Corporation in 1973.

Fila Korea

Country: Italy

This sportswear factory is involved in the design of apparel and shoes. Fila was created in Biella, Piedmont, Italy in 1911 by Giansevero and Ettore Fila. As of 2003, the corporation was bought by American Sports Brand International. In 2010, Fella introduced its preliminary public subsidy on the Korea Exchange. They have departments in 11 nations internationally.  

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Country: United States of America

This Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, US-based sporting goods commercial corporation was created in 1948 by Richard “Dick” Stack and has nearly 850 shops and 30,000 workers. It is the world’s biggest athletic goods trader, and it is the biggest athletic goods commercial corporation in America, with nearly 850 shops. The firm is associated with Golf Galaxy and Field and Stream. Dick’s Sporting Goods introduced their Team Sports HQ, an array of digital stocks.


Country: United Kingdom

Cheadle, near Manchester-based British football equipment and sportswear distributor markets, sources and designs football-related equipment, footwear, and clothing. The stocks of Umbro are traded in more than 19 nations globally. Since 2012 Umbro has been associated with US-based Corporation Iconix Brand Group. Their primary priority is on football appliances such as boots, balls, goalkeeper gloves, and kit uniforms.


Country: United States of America

This US-based brand of physical fitness-related accessories, footwear, and clothing, mixed martial arts, and boxing retails its stocks globally. Everlast was created by Jacob Golomb in 1910 in the Bronx, New York City, and now situated in Manhattan. As of 2007, the British retailing organization Frasers Group owned this brand.

Wilson Sporting Goods

Country: United States of America

Chicago, Illinois-based this firm of sports equipment has been associated with Finnish group Amer Sports from 1989 till 2019. They produce equipment for several sports among them volleyball, tennis, squash, soccer, racquetball, golf, fastpitch softball, basketball, American football, badminton, and baseball. They acquired the trademarks Luxilon, Louisville Slugger, EvoShield, DeMarini, and Atec.


Country: United States of America

This semi-premium brand of authentic trademarks group markets mainly children’s, men’s, and women’s accessories and clothing as well as fragrance, watches, and home. Nautica was created by apparel designer David Chu and a companion in 1983. It was bought by New York-based clothing corporation, State-O-Maine in 1984 for product and cash.


Country: Japan

This Japan-based transnational firm which manufactures sports equipment and footwear designed for a large expanse of athletics. It was created in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. The department of ASICS is situated in Kobe, Japan.

The Timberland Company

Country: United States of America

This American factory and dealer of outdoor wear is mainly dedicated to the manufacturing of footwear. VF Corporation acquires this brand. The corporation also trades stocks, such as leather goods, sunglasses, glasses, watches, and clothes. The corporate departments of Timberland are situated in Stratham, New Hampshire. They also manage from departments in other components of the globe, such as Australia.

Mizuno Corporation

Country: Japan

With departments in Suminoe, Osaka, Japan this firm of sportswear and athletics kit was created in 1906 in Osaka by Rizo and Rihachi Mizuno. Currently, this transitional firm offers a large variety of sportswear and athletics equipment, for boxing, table tennis, cycling, rugby, football, baseball, golf, athletics, badminton, judo, skiing, running, volleyball, and tennis.


Country: United States of America

This Californian surfboard and surfwear company were introduced by Jack O’Neill in 1952. The corporation manufactures snow sport-inspired clothing, performance water, and wetsuits for lifestyle apparel and young adults. The merchandise is delivered to 86 nations globally, some by franchised suppliers. 


Country: United States of America

With head departments in New Haven, Connecticut, this US-based factory of sportswear is mainly dedicated to throwback appliances such as hats and jackets of primary league athletics teams. Their existing licenses include the NCAA, NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB. Since 2007, it has been associated with the Iconix Brand Group. The starter was created by David Beckerman in 1971. 

Brooks Sports

Country: United States of America

This American firm mainly focused on the marketing and designing of high-performance women’s and men’s accessories, clothing, and running shoes. With departments in Seattle, Washington, their stocks are accessible in 60 nations internationally. Brooks Sports is associated with Berkshire Hathaway. Launched in 1914, it initially produced shoes for a wide expanse of athletics. 

Callaway Golf Company

Country: United States of America

This America-based worldwide athletic goods corporation trades, markets, produces and designs golf accessories, golf equipment, and golf lifestyle-related stocks in over 70 nations globally. Carlsbad, California-based this firm is the globe’s biggest factory of golf clubs. They sell their stocks through trade-in and pre-owned services, directly online, mass merchants, sporting goods retailers, and golf retailers.


Country: United States of America

This US-based footwear firm was created as a manufacturer of high-performance hiking boots in 1981 by John Schweizer, Randy Merrell, and Clark Matis. Since 1997, it has been a solely acquired corporation united with shoe enterprise giant Wolverine World Wide. The corporation manages 116 of its own idea shops around the globe.


Country: Hong Kong

This is a luggage factory and dealer, with commodities ranging from small toiletries bags and briefcases to large suitcases. The corporation was launched in Denver, Colorado, United States. The registered department of Samsonite is situated in Luxembourg. Inception in 1961, the firm supplied and produced Lego building toys under franchise from the Danish parent company for the North American market.


Country: United States of America

This North American factory of competitive shoes is associated with Wolverine World Wide. The shoes are manufactured for 3 major motives: walking, running, and racing. With departments in Waltham, Massachusetts, U.S., Saucony was created in 1898.

Life is good

Country: United States of America

This US-based accessories and apparel lifestyle brand, retailer, and wholesaler was launched in 1994 by John Jacobs and Bert Jacobs and mainly notable for producing hats and optimistic T-shirts, many of which promote a pleasant stick model called Jake. 

Champs Sports

Country: United States of America

This US-based sports commercial shop manages as an associate of Foot Locker. Commodities traded at Champs Sports include accessories, footwear, equipment, and apparel. As of 2019, they had 540 shop sites found throughout Puerto Rico, Canada, the United States, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The shops are primarily found in shopping malls.

Gold’s Gym

Country: United States of America

This US-based line of global co-ed fitness centers was initially begun in Venice Beach, California by Joe Gold. Each of their gyms provides a diversity of strength and cardio training equipment and group exercise programs. The departments of Gold’s Gym have since been situated in Dallas. This non-governmental company was acquired by Brockway Moran in 1999.

Patagonia Inc.

Country: United States of America

This US-based clothing corporation is focused on the selling and marketing of outdoor clothing. The firm was organized in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard and is situated in Ventura, California. They have broadened their commodity chain to include clothing targeted towards other athletics, such as surfing. Besides apparel, other stocks such as camping food, sleeping bags, and backpacks are offered by Patagonia. 

New Era

Country: United States of America

This American headwear corporation has its offices in Buffalo, New York. New Era was launched in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch and holds more than 500 distinctive franchises in its portfolio. 

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Country: United States of America

This US-based sporting goods discount shop line has its corporate department in unincorporated western Harris County, Texas, United States. For nearly 74 years Academy Sports + Outdoors was a non-governmental corporation acquired by the Gochman household. It was launched in 1938.

Dunlop Sport

Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based manufacturing corporation was launched in 1910 and manufactures athletics apparel and equipment for racquet recreations such as padel, squash, and tennis. Commodities by this brand include sportswear, bags, balls, and racquet strings. In most of the globe, the brand is acquired by SRI Sports, associated with Japanese coalition Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

Mountain Hardwear

Country: United States of America

Associated with Columbia Sportswear, this US-based company is involved in the distribution and production of equipment, accessories, and apparel for the high-performance requirements of outdoor athletes and mountaineering enthusiasts. The company was organized by a small group of retired workers of Sierra Designs in Richmond, California in 1993. 

PING Collection

Country: United States of America 

This is a US-based company of beauty products, cosmetics, fashion, and clothing. Their portfolio of trademarks supplies through many channels globally. The corporation concentrates largely on casual clothing and sportswear for niche markets. The departments of PING Collection are located in Doral, Florida, United States.

World Gym

Country: United States of America

This health center was launched in Venice Beach, California by Joe Gold in 1976. The gym was frequently visited by popular bodybuilders and celebrities such as Dave Draper, Lou Ferrigno, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They currently have more than 220 licenses globally in six mainlands, 20 nations, and provinces. 


Country: New Zealand

This brand of natural performance outdoor and merino wool outdoor clothing has its offices in Auckland, New Zealand. VF Corporation bought this brand in 2018. The firm started by working in the innovation of merino base layers and presently markets accessories, socks, outerwear, mid-layers, and underwear based on natural fibers. Jeremy Moon created this brand in 1995.

Cutter & Buck

Country: United States of America

Cutter & Buck market their commodities mainly in the golf and related apparel markets in more than 25 nations. Initially originated by Joey Rodolfo and Harvey Jones, the offices of this company are presently situated in Seattle, Washington. 


Country: United States of America

This US-based commercial and outdoor athletics services company is overseen as a customers’ co-operative. They market clothing, travel equipment, camping gear, and sporting goods. REI also provides benefits such as outdoor-oriented courses and vacations. They manage 162 commercial shops in 40 provinces.

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