List of 40+ Best Arrow Brand Slogans 

Arrow is a fashion company which was established back in the year 1851. This fashion company is an American company. Philips Van Heusen Corporation or more popular as the PVH Corporation is the parent organisation for this fashion brand. This parent organisation also owns other brands also like Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and so on. This 139 years old fashion company was established by Moses Philips, John Van Heusen, and Dramin Jones.

Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of this fashion company is Emanuel Chirico. This company employs over 40,000 employees. This brand is thus a multinational brand. The parent organisation is actually headquartered in the place called Manhattan, in New York. They manufactures, as well as distribute their products all around the wold with unique designs as well as with superior quality raw materials. 


Arrow brand Slogans

Get New Yorked

Wake up slimmer 

The finest shirt you will ever put on or take off 

America’s finest shirt since 1851

Iron Cheater Shirts 

From Arrow the colourful white shirt company

First in fashion 

To be sure you are right! Go back to school with Arrow 

Arrow for back to school

Be cool! Be comfortable! Be colourful!

Well fashioned shirt of fine oxford 

Ease into rich, rugged Arrow Gabanaro 

Arrow Gabanaro : for the new way of living 

Arrow’s Lightweight Champs 

This is Authentic American Style 

Arrow Collars and shirts : for every formal occasion 

When you know 

Play it cool and confident in a well – fitted blazer. 

Contemporary craftsmanship 

The formal line – up

The reinvention of checks 

Time – Honored essentials 

Notable All – occasions suits 

Get noticed in these tailored to perfection pieces 

Keep your style quotient high in immaculate shirts 

Elevate your ensemble with this timeless pattern 

Board room ready styles that make a statement

Your go to colour this summer 

Bolder and better than ever 

The monochrome edit 

Cool coral 

#Best is yet to come 

Delivering style and sophistication 

Stars of your spring wardrobe 

For video calls with the boss 

For face time date nights 

To keep up with budget shopping 

Grab or Gone 

A good shirt make a great first impression

The prettiest tops for all your summer moods 

For sunny days and beyond 

Tot around the block in adorable looks 

The hottest offers hand picked for you 


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