List of 25 Armani Brand Slogans 

Giorgio Armani is a luxurious brand. This is an Italian brand. The founders of this brand are two individuals named, Giorgio Armani along with Sergio Galeotti.

This luxury company is headquartered in the beautiful city of Milan, in Italy. This luxury company manufactures as well as distributes products such as cosmetics, clothing, footwear, perfumes, eye wear and so on. This brand was established back in the year 1975. And currently, Giorgio Armani, himself is the Chief Executive Officer of this luxurious company.

This company too has its subsidiaries like Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani, and so on. This company uses a very high quality material for all its products and this is mainly the reason for it being much more costlier. 


Tag lines of Armani Brand 


  • New Spirit. Same spirit.


  • Emporio Armani : Together Stronger


  • Armani Code : Strong Charisma and natural elegance 


  • Emporio Armani : Together we touch the sky


  • Armani Code : #Unforgettable codes 


  • Emporio Armani : Together we can fly 


  • Armani Code : Profumo, the new intensity 


  • Emporio Armani : Together we dream bigger 


  • Armani code : Ultimate code of seduction for men 


  • Emporio Armani : Get together with two fragrances 


  • Armani code ultimate : the new intense fragrance for men


  • Giorgio Armani : The secret code of women


  • Emporio Armani Diamonds : the sparkling Eau de toilette 


  • Giorgio Armani : Made to measure 


  • Armani Si Passione : the new fragrance


  • Armani Diamonds : Can you resist?


  • Emporio Armani : Together we are unstoppable 


  • Emporio Armani : Together we touch the sky 

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