100+ Catchy April Fool Captions For Instagram to Make Your Own

The day has been popular since the 19th century, and the origin of this day is not known. People do harmless pranks on this day which is common.  Different countries believe in the different origins of April Fool’s Day. 

April Fool Captions For Instagram

-Laugh out loud with your friends and families. #Aprilfoolprank

-Prank is the way of finding laughter in life.

-laughing is the best medicine, so laugh a lot today.

-Safe pranks are the best source of happiness. #safepranksonaprilfools

-Wise and safe pranks are the best kind.

-Fool others and be a fool and laugh together.

-Laugh on others and make others laugh on you. #Laughteristhebestmedicine.

-Be the one to prank with wise ideas and make everyone laugh.

-The prankster and victim of the prank, both must share a laugh of content.

-Wise pranks bring out the joy of the April Fool’s day.

-Each of the people deserves to be pranked as well as be the prankster.

-April fool’s brings a thousand is reason for you to laugh and make people laugh along.

-The day to lie to your loved ones for pranks to actually make them laugh.

-Pranks are the lies that build happiness.

-A healthy prank results in a healthy laughing crowd.

-A wise and safe prank never hurt anyone.

-A well planned safe prank can only make everyone burst into laughter.

-Do a prank on your close ones and gift them a lot of laughter.

-April fool’s is the day to laugh out loud.

-Laugh with open hearts and no regrets on April Fool’s day.

-Start the month of April with a bunch of happiness and laughter.

-Prank your friends and families and put a precious smile on their faces.

-Great pranks results in a greater laughters.

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