List of 35 Anmol Brand Slogans 

Anmol brand is an Indian brand. This brand was established 25 years ago in 1994. This brand serves amazingly tasty packaged foods. They mainly manufacture biscuits, cookies and cakes.

They have a huge variety mainly in biscuits whether it be crunchy biscuits or whether it be creamy ones. They are not restricted only in India but they also export their products to around 16 nations and there are around 21 varieties of biscuits which are exported by them. This company is also one of the leading player of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in Indian market. 


Top Slogans of Anmol brand 


Yours Tastefully 

Coming back soon with lots of smiles 

The Right Bite 

Made with love, to spread smiles 

Welcome to the world of Anmol, place where cravings are satisfied tastefully 

Romance of butter and salt feels like a dream 

Mann bhari yaadien, mann pasand swaad.

Taste itna bhaaye koi ruk na paaye 

Pack happiness this Diwali 

Swachh Bharat, Anmol Bharat. 

Cup it and get ready to be smothered with love 

Tangy lemon cream sandwiched between light puffs 

Flaky cracker with zero added sugar. 

Ideal for fitness fanatics and diabetic patients 

Crunchy little biscuits with the mouth watering taste of pure chocolate 

Anmol Jadoo : Spicy magical twist 

Tip top: Enjoy lighter side of Lite 

Anmol Mexi Bite : Salsa ka asli mazaa

Bakers bix : Original taste of bakery biscuits 

Anmol Veg Crunch : the crunchy veggie surprise 

Top Magic : Fun time. Family time. 

Anmol e-lite : Every Bite, Elaichi delight 

Anmol Dream lite : The salty buttery crunch 

Butter Twinz : Makkhan Maarke 

Anmol Snack it : Crunchy salty biscuits, light and crisp

Mukund : Swaad Jo yaad rahe! 

Anmol Romanzo : Chico filled cookies 

Butter Bake : Butter rich feast, tough to resist 

Anmol biscuits : Jahaa bhi bhook lage… snackles saath rahe

Anmol Butter scotch tiffin cake : a little bit of sugar. A little dollop of butter 

Sweet taste of your sweet tooth 

Anmol Milk Made : Hungry for milk? 

Bakersville : enjoy the real goodness of English bakery! 

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