100+ Catchy Ankimo Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Want to take your social media game to the next level? You might just have everything you need but CAPTIONS. Captions are essential and everyone loves using one that is catchy and out of the box.

Here are some Ankimo captions that you will surely love. 

Ankimo Captions for Instagram

Come to us and let us fill you with something rich in taste and flavors.

With daikon radish, the taste is heavenly. #fishy

If it is fish, count me in.

There is nothing better than a chilled ankimo.

Say no the first time. Taste one. After that, it is almost impossible to reject our ankimos.

We make our very own sake to marinate and rinse our ankimos in. #ankimo

Our ankimo on terrine is what people always crave.

How can you live without trying some first?

Lobsters are costly. Monkfish are cheap. Ankimo is best. #best

Ankimos? Oh, the one with monkfish. Love them.

Ankimos are a great option as an aperitif.

It is simply love at first sight. #firstsight

Ankimos with green salad is a dish to drop dead for.

We challenge you to stop after the first one.

The taste of japan on your platter. #japanese

Your friends and family deserve these for sure.

What could be a better starter than monkfish liver? The Japanese style of course.

It may be small, but it’s got the punch of a professional.

The best in taste are ankimos without a doubt. #bestankimos

Come in and fall in love with these.

Arguably the cheapest but best tasting of all sushi and sashimi.

All you see here are made here only. #wow

The creamy smoothness is what makes it so beautiful.

For casual dining and also as a snack ankimos are the coolest option.

 Try our ankimos with ponzu sauce. #authentic

For the smooth and velvety taste that you have desired for so long.

Try an ankimo on warm toast, close your eyes, and feel the angels sing for you.

No one can eat just one. #addiction

Ankimos with miso is a great combo to opt for any time.

All naturally fresh ingredients are used to make our ankimos.

Try them with dried wakame seaweed and see your mind float into paradise.

We always believe that you deserve the best. #deliveringthebest

I am having it. And I am loving it.

Have one. It is in a class by itself. So have some class with us.

We bring you the best since we always try to satisfy you. #classapart

An imagination we had. An imagination you had. And then came to the ankimos.

Get lost in our ankimos. You will never wish to be found.

The mild flavor of our ankimos is what we are famous for. #mild

Ankimos are low on fat, good for your health, and have a fantastic taste.

So smooth, so soft. So creamy. Simply delightful.

Ours is original monkfish. No pufferfish is used here.

We bring you the best of oriental delights. #bestofflavours

Nothing fishy when you eat the livery we serve.

Once you taste it you are bound to fall in love with it.

Shisho leaves make these ankimos taste even better. #monkfish

Ankimos are so pate-like, you will just fall head over heels for them.

I will go for the whole roll rather than only a slice of it.

Ankimos have the least source of selenium. #selenium

Domo arigato for those beautiful ankimos with sake.

Mercury levels are pretty low, too.

Yearn for more after the first taste of our ankimo. #lovely

Never fool yourself because this dish is small. It has the punch that most dishes lack.

The low fat, low-calorie food you so need. #lowcalorie

The best is here. Back with our original ankimos.

The ankimo is safer than tuna and marlin. #ankimo

Monkfish liver and sliced scallions are the best delicacies.

There are a lot of health benefits if you eat ankimos.

Never underrate the ankimo. Do it justice. Eat one. #justice

Try saying no to another ankimo.

Monkfish are available all year round.

For the discerning, an ankimo will work wonders. #simplygreat

It is the balance of the monkfish that makes ankimos such a delicacy worldwide.

Our Momiji oroshi and ankimo are the best combinations you could ever imagine.

Come in with your hunger. Leave satisfied and happy. #hungry?

Our battleship sushi is simply too good.

A delight for any gastronome. #delicacy

Feel free when eating at our eatery.

The ankimo sushi will simply blow your mind.

So rich. So velvety. So soft. So creamy. #velvety

Have an ankimo party.

We present our ankimos on granary toast. What a cool way to serve food.

Have an ankimo as a substitute for foie gras. #delicacy

Made by connoisseurs. Made for connoisseurs.

The mildly sweet flavor is what makes this such an acceptable dish.

Try our gunkan maki and see the class of ankimo we make.

For that delicate taste, you have been craving for. #delicate

The true taste of Japan

The house of best ankimos.

Who knew fishes could taste so well?

Have yourself an ankimo today! #ankimo

Great taste as expected. ALWAYS!

Are you a sushi lover? Try ankimo now!

The best sushi that could exist.

Wow! I need some more ankimos.

Ankimos are something that you just can’t have enough of!

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