List of 35 Best AND brand slogans 

AND is the clothing brand which is owned by Ochre and Black Private limited company. This company is an Indian company, thus the brand is an Indian brand. Along with AND, this company also owns one more renowned clothing brand, Global Desi. AND clothing brand focuses more on the different styles of Western wear, on the other hand, Global Desi emphasizes on manufacturing different as well as vibrant traditional Indian wear. This clothing brand is headquartered in a place called Rabale, Navi Mumbai.

There are approximately 1,090 stores in India, selling this brand. Out of these total stores, around 280 are the exclusive stores of this brand, and around other 820 stores are multi-brand stores, which are spread across 105 cities of India. 


Tag lines of AND brand 


  • Ruffle + Stripes = Top Pick! 


  • Weekend Road Trip 


  • Party on my mind 


  • Fitness first


  • Work that Shrug 


  • Casual Fridays 


  • The timeless bottoms 


  • #ANDiRise 




  • Formally Semi-Formal


  • City of Summer 


  • Linum 


  • Stylist’s Picks 


  • Comfort meets style – Maternity Wear


  • Make the most of your WFH (Work from home) setting 


  • The perfect edit for your on-the-go spirit! 



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