30 Best American Express Slogans 

American Express is basically a company that provides financial services. This company is also popularly called Amex. This company was established back in the year 1850. This financial service company is headquartered in a place called Vesey Street, New York City.

Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of this company is Stephen Squeri. This company provides you with a number of perks, rewards, travel concessions, and cash backs.

This company issues you cards just like another brand of MasterCard or Visa. This company was established by William Fargo, John Warren Butterfield, and Henry Wells. This company is a multinational financial company.  This company provides the services of Charge cards, Credit Cards, Corporate Banking, and traveler’s cheques. 

Tag-Lines of American Express

  • Don’t leave home without it 
  • Don’t live life without it 
  • Don’t take on the world without it 
  • Don’t do business without it
  • Don’t get lost on purpose without it 
  • The powerful backing of American Express 
  • Don’t carry cash, carry American Express. Traveller’s Cheques. 
  • Don’t make new friends without it. 
  • Expand the canvas of your expectations. The American Express Platinum Travel card. 
  • Easier, faster and secure way to pay online. 
  • Metal makes it possible. American Express Platinum Card.
  • Live a life of endless possibilities 
  • Discover the world with you at the centre 
  • Bring back rewards wherever you go. 
  • There’s always more with platinum 
  • See the world in a way you haven’t 
  • Platinum travel and lifestyle
  • Online shopping with just one ID. Ezeclick 

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