List of 50+ Best Allen Solly Brand Slogans 

Allen Solly is the fashion or rather a clothing brand. This fashion house was established way back in the year 1744. This brand was founded by William Hollin and Co. Ltd. This clothing brand was purchased by Madura Fashion house in the 1970s.

This clothing brand was actually the very first clothing company that introduced the workwear for women. Currently, this company belongs to Aditya Birla Group. This clothing company was acquired by Aditya Birla Group in the year 2001.

This brand brings out to you all the beauty as well as all the unique designs. Also, Allen Solly has introduced its amazing sports wear lastly. All the sportswear was actually tennis-inspired. 

Tag lines of Allen Solly Brand 


  • Friday Dressing


  • Allen Sally Junior


  • My World, My Way


  • I Hate Ugly


  • Friday dressing – Why so serious? 


  • Hot Fridays 


  • Hello Friday dressing 


  • Fun at work 


  • #Flexible : New extreme comfy chinos 


  • Bunk the tape. #Own your shape 


  • Cool work wear. Cool pet friendly 


  • #EveryTeeUnderTheSun


  • #Open work culture 


  • Everyday Superpowers 


  • Tough jeans for tough day at work


  • The future of bottom wear 


  • Catch a colour and well match it 


  • Winter dress fest 


  • Celebrate Midweek Soirées 


  • Allen Solly Junior Explorers Club 


  • Friday doesn’t suffer from Monday blues 


  • Effortless Chic 


  • The Wimbledon Store 


  • Style Balance Chinos 


  • Smashing Styles to Celebrate the Game


  • Work wear Redefined : Beyond 9 to 5


  •  Allen Solly Breathe Easy 



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