List of 10 Best Ali baba Brand Slogans 

Ali baba Group Holding Limited is an E-commerce giant company. This e-commerce company is based in China. This Chinese multinational company holds its specializations not only in e-commerce but also in technology, retail as well as the internet.

The main founders of this e-commerce faint are Jack Ma, Joseph C. Tsai, Peng Lei, and Trudy Dai. There are also various other subsidiary companies of this giant like Alipay, Taobao, Daraz, Lazada, AliOS and so on. 


Tag lines of Ali baba


Ali Express – Smarter shopping, Better living


Tmall – You won’t be disappointed


AliOS – To drive everything smart


Alipay – Full Compensation 


Daraz – Nepal’s biggest online sales day


Daraz – Happy shopping 


Lazada – Effortless shopping


Lazada – Go where you heart beats 


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