201+ Aftershave Marketing Slogans & Taglines

Grooming is an important part of life and of late, more and more people are getting into the trend of taking better care of their beauty and hygiene. Aftershave is one such grooming product that always stays in high demand.  It comes as a gel, lotion or paste which soothes and cleans the skin after shaving. It also leaves behind a scent in its wake to add to the comfort of an aftershave.

Marketing products like aftershave requires some special maneuvers to attract prospective customers to the brand. Given below are some slogans which can be used for your marketing campaign.

Aftershave Marketing Slogans & Taglines

Beauty for your skin.

The need of the hour.

Gives a comfortable and smooth life.

Protect your skin.

A professional in your hands.

Recommended by skin care experts.

The gentleman’s choice.

A special remedy for cuts and sores.

Clinically tested. Globally approved.

Fresh and natural.

The scent of a lady killer.

Manly by choice.

Gentle for the skin.

Makes you fall in love with yourself.

Give yourself the smell of elegance.

Exotic in a bottle.

Favorite in an instant.

Fragrances that attract.

The smell of luxury.

Made for sensitive skin.

Irritant free formula.

Produces no rashes.

Feed the senses.

Leave behind that everlasting mark.

Find yourself again.

Pamper yourself.

Coz you deserve only the best.

Clean skin. Healthier you.

For the perfect look.

Bring out the bold in you.

As slick as ice.

Healing your skin.

Much more than the scent.

Be your own boss.

The look that inspires respect.

Keeps you safe from infections.

Make a massive impression.

Stand out from the rest.

Looks that impress.

Feel pleasant.

Cooling effect that keeps you tension free.

For a radiant glow.

We understand your skin and you.

Socialize like a boss.

The party animal.

Scoring big in every meeting.

Quick use for a long lasting impact.

Doesn’t fade away.

Makes the ladies go gaga.

Treatment your skin needs.

Goodness of natural herbs.

Spice up your life.

The smell of power.

Turns you on.

Conclude your shaving with a dab of greatness.

You’re born to rule.

Extraordinary formulas for an extraordinary you.

Feels like paradise.

Keep infections away.

Carefree living redefined.

Aftershave for the elites.

Complete the ritual like a Royal.

Royal living.

They will fall in love with your skin.

Smoothen the roughness.

Make way for the best.

Here comes the beast.

Brightens up your skin.

Smart choice.

Removes tan. Makes it soft.

Clears spots and tan.

Make your skin look alive.

Wash away your worry in one go.

The more you use, the more you want.

Unspoken desire.

It never lets you go.

Fragrance that stays on the mind.

Get yourself the look of a gentleman.

Enhance your confidence.

Defining your personality.

Get. Set. Go.

The complete look.

The science of attraction.

Ocean like freshness.

Awaken the beast in you.

Essence of modernity.

Meet the next best thing.

Your companion for life.

Manliness redefined.

Brings out the real you.

Protects you from pollution.

Your go to aftershave.

Shiny skin. Beautiful chin.

No wonder you look great today.

Life a macho man.

Carry it on the go.

Reclaim the first spot.

World’s finest at affordable prices.

Ignite the senses.

Adventure that begins with a dab of passion.

Complement your personality.

Live like a king.

The smell of ecstasy.

For an irritation free experience.

It says a lot about you.

Made with nature’s best.

Love and care for yourself.

Affectionately yours.

Carry yourself like a prince.

Your daily enhancer.

Fragrances that can’t be denied.

Highlight the best of yourself.

Your grooming essential.

Be irresistible.

Marvelous to look at.

French solutions for him.

Create a lasting impression.

The ultimate accessory.

Keeps the freshness alive.

Pure and blissful.

An experience that lasts.

The 24/7 freshness.

Wild and free.

Naturally elegant.

Your personal salon.

Incredible quality. Affordable prices.

Let the imagination run wild.

Smell of confidence. Power of passion.

The aftershave that stays.

Saves your day.

For the special moments.

Tried and trusted.

Doesn’t let you down.

Come alive.

Why be satisfied with less?

You are more than many.

The dream weaver.

The beginning of a Titan.

Inspired by your skin.

The one and only.

Seal your fate.

Moments you love to treasure.

Fabulous you.

The shift to new.

There is something for everyone.

Only the best for your skin.

Nothing but us.

Why go elsewhere?

Entry of the show stopper.

Steal the lime light.

Fatally attractive.

The scent near the smile.

Shaving isn’t complete without it.

The aftershave of success.

Value for money delivered in a bottle.

Small bottle for a brighter future.

Fragrances that keep you bold.

Awaken the real you.

Deliciously true.

The man they will run after.

Chase him down.

Begin your story of success.

The scent that lingers on.

Honored like a star.

Dashing and daring.

Reveal your wildest fantasies.

Dominate the playground.

Force of nature.

Gentle solution for the sensitive skin.

Raises the party mood.

Pump up the volume.

The joy of aftershave.

Turn up the heat.

Crank that look.

Benefit of Aloe Vera with the goodness of natural scents.

Rule the others.

Inevitable attraction.

Let go of the old. Bring in the new.

The new sexy in town.

Wear it with grace.

The art of seduction.

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