251+ Aftershave Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

If you are a man, you definitely need to shave your facial hair or at least shape it. An aftershave is a product which, as the name suggests, is applied to your skin after you shave. Aftershave is usually alcohol solutions but is also available as lotions, moisturizers, gels, etc. nowadays.

Below are some killer captions that are sure to spice up your social media game for your aftershave brand. No more talking, let’s hop straight into it.

Aftershave Captions for Social Media

Aftershave Captions For Facebook:

Aftershave soothes your skin!

Break hearts not bottles

Smell like a man

Your cuts won’t sting as much

No itchiness. No irritation.

For the carefree look and feel

Care less about the boring stuff

Increase focus. Reduce worry!

Save yourself from the pain of cuts

Shaving never felt so good

Keeps you feeling fresh always

Everyone loves a soothing sensation

No more irritation

Have yourself an Aftershave experience

The best aftershave in the market

Attract some sassy ladies

Keep everyone around you guessing

Smell like never before

Elegance personified

You will love this aftershave and so will everyone around you

Make those girls go gaga

Fill up every room you enter

For the masculine man in you

For the risk-taker in you

Hyper levels of goodness

Carry your own special aura

Build an image

A smell so enticing

Make them drool!

Hey, sexy!

Increase your sex appeal

Cooling effect guaranteed

You will now like to shave every day

Luxury after every shave

Smell like a true man

Cause’ real men are back

Who’s your daddy? 

I’m your Daddy!

Sweep some women off their feet

Carry your personality everywhere you go

Leave a little spark everywhere

Crazy good aftershave

Smell fantastic. Feel fantastic.

For your everyday shaving drills

Every morning will now be a fresh one.

Crazy smell. Crazy attention.

Your skin will thank you.

Aftershave Captions For Instagram:

#Aftershave Brand

Smell Solid

Great aftershaves for the great you

The fragrance that touches the soul

For your hidden bad boy

Bad boy persona

Aftershave makes you feel amazing

No one likes nicks and cuts

A package made with love

A gift for true men

A true gentleman’s favorite Aftershave

Cause real men shave!

Not afraid of shaving anymore

No more discomfort after shaving

Clean-shaven looks the best

Everyone loves to see your true face

More than just an aftershave

Feel good every time

Your new secret to success

For the man within you

Feel like a boss, don’t act like one

Entice all your senses

Everyone loves a well-groomed man

Look sharp. Feel sharp

No worries. Keep shaving

Better than colognes!

For that killer impression.

First impressions have never been this good

Smell Passionate. Feel passionate

Cause you were born to rule

Intoxicated yet?

A smell that will leave everyone captivated

Turn heads every time you enter a room

For every possible setting

A man for all seasons and reasons

Suits every atmosphere

Never too late to switch to aftershave brand

Killer smell. Killer attitude!

Every man needs to use Aftershave

You won’t regret buying Aftershave

For a better today.

Feel fresh throughout.

Enjoy the smell of paradise

Aftershave of the gods

Straight from the heart

Increase you Alpha quotient

For that fantastic smelling guy in you!

Aftershave Captions For Twitter:

Aftershave is the best

Aftershave is your best friend

Who doesn’t want some attention?

Give yourself the pampering you need

Men too need accessories

Grooming essentials 101

Your Aftershave solutions

The best Aftershave in the game

Step up your shaving routine 

Shaving done the right way

Aftershave with an edge

Have yourself an edge with the tingling Aftershave

Aftershave everyday

Your best friend after shaves

Your skin won’t fight with you anymore

Exactly what you need!

Indulge in the goodness of Aftershave

Made with the best ingredients

Aftershave turns a bad day into a good one

Keep calm and use Aftershave

Never too late to switch to the best product

Aftershave is the best gift you can give yourself

For that killer first impression

From dates to dinners

Every drop has some goodness

Building your confidence

Confidence is just a step away

We give you value for your money

Oceanic fragrances that last

Aroma that soothes

No more skin problems

Razor burns won’t sting as much

Bring a little mystery to the table

Your friends will keep asking about Aftershave!

Aftershave will soon become your favorite

Introducing your new fantasy

Smell heavenly

Your Daddy’s favorite

Your grandfather’s secret to being handsome

Grooming was never this easy

Aftershave will soon become your best friend

The best friend to your shaving gel

Top-notch quality at an affordable price

Was perfection this affordable ever?

Never too late to start using Aftershave

We make the best aftershaves

Aftershave Captions For Pinterest:

Aftershave that leaves a mark

Pin some real good comments

Do your skin a favor by switching to Aftershave

We won’t let you down

Your new pleasure every day

Find the true gentleman in you

James Bond’s favorite Aftershave

An aroma that even the gods’ love

Spice up your dignity

The elegance that emits confidence

For that confident man in you

Be your own hero

All it takes is a few drops of Aftershave

Become marvelous

Its time to spice up your senses

Your grooming game has never been this strong

You need to do some solid slaying

For the hidden handsome in you

For the handsome man you are!

Enhance your handsome quotient

Clean shaves will look and feel even cleaner

Drops of Ecstacy

Get prepared for a long day ahead

Dress up the right way

Did you try Aftershave yet?

Don’t miss out on the goodness of Aftershave

Damn son! What’s that smell?

Embrace your true manliness

Crafted to suit every skin type!

For every kind of man out there

Range of aftershaves

Aftershaves for a lifetime

Never compromising on quality

A little playfulness never hurts

 A great deal of goodness in every drop

Misty, foggy, sexy!

Sex appeal has never spiked this high!

Your man factor decoded!

Have you become the new hype yet?!

Become the new talk of the town with Aftershave

Fulfill your desires

Chase your dreams totally!

A new you every day

Fall in love with yourself

For some self-pampering

Pampering the male way

Great products. Great prices!

Cool. Fresh. Aquatic.

Irresistibly gentlemanly

Forever Fresh

Never boring

Entice everyone around you

Live like never before

 No limits

Boundaries not needed!

Unleash the true man

For the manly spirit in you

Aftershave matters the most!

Shave with no worries

Your daily dose of handsome

Your favorite smell 

It all fits into Aftershave

Aftershave that completes you

Gentlemen are back

Real men. Real scent

Attract success. Attract life!

Live life uncomplicated

Nonstop freshness

Keep feeling fresh throughout the day

Who says that the perfect Aftershave doesn’t exist?

Every Alpha’s favorite

aftershave captions

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