100+ Afghan Hound Captions For All Captions

Dogs aren’t just loyal, they are friends for life. A pet parent knows the exact feeling. The unconditional love and faith the little paws have for everyone around them. Here are a few “Afghan Hound” captions that will are designed to brighten up your social media handles.

Short Afghan Hound Captions

I adore the little face of Afghan Hound. #adore

Not to brag or something, but I matter the most to my Afghan Hound. #brag

Please excuse my Afghan Hound’s summer drool. #drool

Life would be too ruff without my Afghan Hound. #ruff

My life is all about love, live, bark, and my Afghan Hound. #life

Who is a good boy? Afghan Hound. #good

Life cannot get any better with an Afghan Hound. #better

It’s Friday. Finally, the weekend is all for my Afghan Hound. #weekend

I am not a weird pet parent, and I own an Afghan Hound. #own

Dog life is truly defined by an Afghan Hound. #true

My silent Afghan Hound is like the calm before the storm. #calm

Bet you cannot see what’s going inside an Afghan Hound. #see

Life’s a ball, and my Afghan Hound is up for fetching. #ball

Sleep is the ultimate solution for every Afghan Hound. #ultimate

My Afghan Hound would rather snooze than fetch. #fetching

Afghan Hound has a sassy attitude, and it can bark if it wants to. #bark

Funny Afghan Hound Captions

This cute face of my Afghan Hound was made possible by 7000 belly rubs. #cute

Afghan Hound may snooze, but it can never lose. #lose

Everything I do is perfect for my Afghan Hound. #perfect

Afghan Hounds often wonder why they are not often treated with slices of bacon. #wonder

Sweet dreams of Afghan Hounds are made up of treats of chicken. #chicken

Afghan Hounds would rather be licking your face right now. #licking

Afghan Hound loves me more than sniffing brushes. #sniffing

Afghan Hounds cannot escape the pup-arazi. #escape

Cutest Afghan Hound in the world, reporting to my duty. #duty

Me and my Afghan Hound have the ulti-mutt friendship. #friendship

I am a crazy dog lady having a cute Afghan Hound. #crazy

Wishing you a pawsome day with Afghan Hounds. #wishing

I am easily distracted by Afghan Hounds. #distracted

Hair of my Afghan Hounds is my glitter of life. #glitter

Beware of Afghan Hounds, and they might steal your heart. #steal

Afghan Hounds often pretends to embark on a new journey. #new

Getting a new leash on Afghan Hound creates a fashion statement. #leash

Coffee and Afghan Hounds can make the world go crazy. #world

Afghan Hound Captions for Instagram

Fur friends, just like my Afghan Hound, are always through my thick and thin. #fur

I wish I could text my Afghan Hound. #text

The friend with my Afghan Hound is fur real. #real

Never love a person who doesn’t love Afghan Hounds. #love

I am not single, and I am committed to my Afghan Hound. #committed

Try to be the person your Afghan Hound wants you to be. #try

My house is for my Afghan Hound, and I just pay the bills. #pay

I am here to pet all the Afghan Hound. #pet

I am not fat, and I am an Afghan Hound. #fat

I love camping with my Afghan Hound. #camping

My Afghan Hound likes to get paw-litical. #likes

Thanks fur the memories, and I completely adore the Afghan Hound. #adore

My best friend, that is an Afghan Hound has fur and a tail. #fur

You cannot buy happiness, but you can own an Afghan Hound. #happiness

Afghan Hounds are my favorite people. #people

Afghan Hounds are not my entire life, but they make your life wholesome. #wholesome

Afghan Hound Captions for Instagram

Afghan Hound is a four-legged love word. #love

Anything is possible by an Afghan Hound by your side. #side

If there is no Afghan Hound in heaven, I don’t want to go there. #heaven

The path to my heart is filled with paw prints of the Afghan Hound. #path

Not all dogs are obedient boys, but Afghan Hounds are. #good

Afghan Hound is the universal way of apologizing to your parents. #universal

My personal counselor is an Afghan Hound with a tail. #tail

Afghan Hounds has changed my fashion philosophy. #changed

Dogs are great, for example, an Afghan Hound. #example

Happiness is like a warm Afghan Hound. #warm

An Afghan Hound is the only thing on earth that can walk a ramp without heels. #heels

I need opinions that come from an Afghan Hound point of view. #view

I would love to adopt more rescue Afghan Hound to give them a good life. #life

No matter how little money I make, I want to have an Afghan Hound. #own

Having an Afghan Hound makes you feel rich. #rich

Cuteness overloading as an Afghan Hound walks in. #walks

I am all about that Afghan Hound life. #about

My go-to-accessory is my Afghan Hound’s hair. #accessory

Afghan Hound Captions for Twitter

A house isn’t a home without an Afghan Hound. #house

My Afghan Hound is the only one that really gets me. #get

I am rescued by my rescued Afghan Hound. #rescued

Excuse us when my Afghan Hound is absolutely adorable. #adorable

Afghan Hound’s hair is a full time of furniture in my house. #house

Bad to the bone, Afghan Hound to my heart. #bone

My Afghan Hound wags more and barks less. #wags

Life gets a little rough when my Afghan Hound is this cute. #cute

Everything I have learned comes from my Afghan Hound. # learned

My Afghan Hound always speaks to me, even if I am not listening. #listening

Searching fetching with my Afghan Hound. #searching

If you love your Afghan Hound, let them play with you. #play

My Afghan Hound is so fur-o-cious. #ferocious

My Afghan Hound often pawties too hard. #hard

My Afghan has proclaimed my bed to be his. #proclaimed

My Afghan Hound likes jazz music more than sweet melodies. #likes

Afghan Hounds are adorable, and it often fur-gets about the treatment it gets. #adorable

My Afghan Hound is a magician, and it can easily steal your heart. #steal

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