251+ Catchy Adhesive Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Adhesive typically is referred to as a liquid that is applied to one or both surfaces of two different items in order to bind them with one another and keep them away from getting separated. The adhesive is also sometimes commonly referred to as glue. 

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into some amazing adhesive captions to speed up your social media marketing game!

Adhesive Captions for Social Media

Adhesive Captions For Facebook:

Glued till forever

A bond that can withstand any storm

You’ll love the way it sticks

Foundations of strength

Strong. Tight. Durable

A bond to be cherished for a lifetime

Does it sound like a miracle?

A quality assured product

A glue that stays

A bond as strong as Facebook and its Like Button

The world will keep asking what keeps things so strong

We try to make the best adhesives

A whole new level of adhesives

Adhesive Brand – A big, fat thumbs up!

Are you already excited to try Adhesive brand out?

The power of Adhesives

Your satisfaction is our priority

The best things in life come with a hefty price tag! Ours doesn’t!

Well, not all adhesives were made the same

Choose the best! Choose the strongest!

So Strong?! Are you kidding me

An adhesive like you’ve never known before

Who says perfect doesn’t exist!

Too good to be true!

Have you found your favorite adhesive brand yet?

Who said, bonds don’t stay?

Who says that all bonds break?

So close, never too far!

Adhesive Captions For Instagram:

When two things become one!

Nothing can break this bond

An adhesive to reform your life

You won’t trust anything else after using adhesive brand

Cracks? What are they?

Fix it! Forget it!

A fix that will remain forever

Don’t wait before you can’t mend it!

Keep Calm and use Adhesive Brand

A new formula for a new fix

A fix that will look as good as new

Priority for bringing you the best

The most genuine adhesive ever!

A step closer to perfection

Every Fix matters!

We build relations stronger!

Not only people, things need to be fixed also!

An adhesive with an edge

A glue with a difference

Apply and rest assured

Handcrafted formulation to make you happy

A formula so strong that just won’t break

Too god damn strong!

We make Adhesive

Bringing things closer

Don’t worry! Adhesive brand is here

Pasting that is permanent

No room for error!

Perfection in every single drop!

Make each drop of adhesive count

Adhesive brand will soon become your favorite

Adhesive brand makes things seem so easy

Perfection is important

Strength is our topmost priority

Keeping relations strong

Never too apart

Not too far anymore

We commit to bring you the best 

Nothing can beat Adhesive brand

Choose the best for yourself

Believe in Adhesive brand to get the best

Cause you deserve the best

It isn’t always too late to test the best

Test the best

Adhesive Captions For Twitter:

A bond that will stand the test of time 

A trust that we build for you to rely on

Sounds too good to be true

Your satisfaction is our priority

Adhesive brand is simply the best!

Recommended by experts

Let’s offer you the best

Life is too short to use enough of adhesive brand

A whole new level of adhesive

Stepping up your fixing game

Only for people who love quality

Adhesive brand is the next in thing!

Stuck up for life!

At times its good if things are stuck!

Get things glued for eternity and more

After forever also!

Lasts till the end of time

Adhesive brand needs no introduction

We are known for our genuineness

The bonds that even gods will be jealous of

Adhesives made just for you

Excelling in adhesives before the existence of dinosaurs

Taking your fixings to another level

Your efforts will be worth it

Pay for the best

Cause your satisfaction matters the most to us

A fix that’ll last forever

We cater to your needs of binding

Bringing it all together

Making things comes together

For Reconciliation isn’t always necessary just for people

Adhesive brand will never disappoint you

The most advanced adhesives available!

A new fix everyday

Inseparable truly!

An adhesive to suit all your needs

Unlimited solution just with one Adhesive brand

We promise to make a difference

At times connections need some work to be put in!

A leading adhesive brand

Making things happen

No one likes things broken

Adhesive heals things, it doesn’t even leave scars

Adhesive Captions For Pinterest:

Cover up those scars with adhesive brand

Somethings are better kept together

Patching up has never been so easy

Because breakups hurt real bad

Functional adhesives for all purposes

We mend things big time

Let us prove what forever looks like

You will love this stickiness

Sticky is the new cool

Adhesive brand makes things stick

Stuck together? Well yeah

Not breaking too soon

Everything needs a little touch up here and there

Adhesive brand – here, there, everywhere

Mending things was never this fun

Not all things sticky are irritating

Let us show you what REAL looks like

Bringing things together

Don’t make you efforts go to waste

Your endeavours will churn the best

A bond you will keep faith in

We do not develop adhesives, we develop bonds

Building pillars of solid foundations

No reason to complain

Stay worry free

We don’t allow things to fall out of place

Everything looks better when put together

The charm of something lies in its foundation

Because a strong bond matters

Nothing can beat Adhesive Brand

Your new favorite adhesive 

Have you tried perfection yet?

Magical bonds forever

Works just like a charm

We never let things fall apart

Because long distances are painful

Bridging the gap

Increase trust, not space

A lot of space isn’t always comfortable

A bond you can trust

Crazy good, isn’t it?

Bringing you the best quality adhesive

Who doesn’t want to grab the best!

What are you waiting for?

adhesive captions

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