List of 35+ Top Absolute Brand Slogans

Absolut was mainly established in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith and is produced in Åhus, Sweden. Smith basically challenged the city of Stockholm’s liquor marketing monopoly with his vodka. So, it was sold outside the city border at a lower price than the monopoly’s product.

In 1980, the advertising agency TBWA made an ad for Absolut featuring a bottle of its product with a halo above it and in the words “Absolute Perfection” below: 

Top Absolute Brand Slogans

Absolut Perfection 

Absolut 24th 

Absolutely the Best

Absolute After Shock

Chilled to Perfection

Planet Earth’s Favourite Vodka

THe Future is yours to Create

Absolut Kick-Off 

Absolut Reflection 

Enjoy with Absolut Responsibility

Absolut Power 

Absolut Amaze 

Absolut Anonymous

Absolut Idol 

Absolut Self- Control 

Absolut Manhattan 

Absolut Signal 

Absolut Take-Off 

Absolut Festival

Absolut Apple 

Absolut Vail 

Absolut Larceny 

Absolut Man 

Absolut Index

Absolut Brooklyn 

Absolut Appeal 

Absolut Nomad

Absolut Self- Portrait 

Our Devotion to Perfection is Absolut

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Pepper

Absolut Citron

Absolut Wild Tea, Absolut San Francisco

Absolut Boston

Absolut Los Angeles

Absolut Pears, Absolut 100, Absolut Mango

Absolut Ruby Red

Absolut Achievements

Absolut Balance

I Love you Absolut Pears

Absolut Freedom

Absolut Apeach

Absolut Revealed

In An Absolut World

Absolut Raspberri

Absolut Vanilla

Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Kurant

Absolut Warhol 

Absolut Paris 

Absolut Oslo 

In an Absolut World

Absolute Grape 


These top brand slogans made Absolut more famous in between their consumers. 


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