Top 25+ Best Absinthe Brands in the World

Evolution of alcohol can be traced when humans learned the art of fermentation of various seeds and foods from the early times. Absinthe may be one of the results of extremes of evolution.

Absinthe is categorized as a highly distilled spirit with alcohol by volume range of 45%-74%. It has a greenish appearance because the spirit is generally extracted from flowers and leaves of Artemisia Absinthium(Grand Wormwood) and is mixed with green anise, sweet fennel, other medical and culinary herbs. These factors have helped absinthe earn its reputation as one of the strongest liquor brands in the world.

Absinthe brands in the world

St George Absinthe Verte

Country: USA

It is distilled by the St. George spirit which was founded by Jorg Ruff in the year 1982. It has got a pungent dried peach smell along with a citrusy flavor by keeping Chardonnay grape brandy as it’s initial spirit.

Leopold Brothers Absinthe Verte

Country: USA

It is distilled by Leopold brothers which is a private family-owned distillery and was founded by Ann Arbor in the year 1999. It consists of green anise, unique apple note, hyssop, melissa, and lemon balm and smells of fresh spearmint and white pepper.

Pacific Absinthe Verte Superieure

Country: USA 

It is distilled by the Pacific Distilleries. It smells of certain spices such as cumin and oregano and for flavor, two kinds of wormwood( grande and roman)are added along with coriander, angelica, green anise, and hyssop, which resulted in a taste of a mix of black tea, cumin, etc.

Vilya Spirits Extrait d’ Absinthe Verte

Country: USA

It is distilled by the Vilya Spirits. It consists of neutral spice along with roman wormwood and lemon balm. It has a floral smell with a bit of spice attached.

Vieux Carre Absinthe

Country: USA

It is made of a blend of wheat, corn, rye also with two kinds of wormwood plants named grande and petite along with green and star anise, fennel, etc., which results in a minty spirit. A sweet smell of herb and pine needles gives a beautiful aroma.

Germain-Robin Absinthe Superieure

County: USA

It is from the Greenway Distillers. It consists of a base of wine from honey and apples. They do not use woody and earthy herbs and replace them with lavender, lemon verbena and lemon balm, and the end product smells like brandy pears.

Letherbee Charred Oak Absinthe Brun

Country: USA

It is from the Letherbee distillers. Brentor Engel (owner) made the recipe on the basis of neutral grain spirits which included anise seeds, juniper(small traces) coriander and most importantly it is charred on oak barrels for months which resulted in creamy and warming flavor.

Copper and Kings Absinthe  

Country: USA

It is made by the Copper and kings distillery. It consists of grande wormwood, anise, fennel, and hyssop with botanical mixed in wine for at least 18 hours and again distillery which results in rich, seductive, uncorrupted flavor.

Doc’s Natural Spirits Green Absinthe

Country: USA

It is made by Kevin and Stacey Herson. Wormwood, anise, fennel, and mint are used as primary flavors and later distilled from malted spelt with ten different botanicals.

Redux Absinthe 

Country: USA

The methods which are used can be dated back to the 1890s, it is a rich blend of anise, citrus, and licorice and consists of a long, tantalizing, anise filled aroma.

Blue Cat Absinthe 

Country: USA

It has 68% of alcohol by volume and has been made by a group of people(artist, musician, herb expert, absinthe historian). It has a very floral aroma due to the inclusion of fennel, wormwood, coriander, and hyssop. It has a creamy texture that is full of rich, smooth, and delicate drink.

Duplais Swiss Absinthe

Country: Switzerland

Although being a Swiss product it’s origin can be traced from a French distillery P-Duplais from his manual “Liqueurs et de la distillation des Alcools” which became the basis of the product. It was the first Verte which was introduced in the year 2005 after lifting the absinthe ban.

Pernod Absinthe

Country: France

It was founded by Henri Louis Pernod in the year 1805 and hail itself as the original creator of absinthe as it was the first distillery to be commercialized in 1798  for absinthe. It is one of the most famous absinthe brands and has won several accolades.

La Clandestine Absinthe

Country: Switzerland 

It is manufactured by Artemisia Bugnon and reported to have at least 53% of alcohol by volume. It is clear absinthe that contains a mixture of cold water and herb wormwood and produces anise-flavored, distill liquor. It is prepared with the help of Charlotte Vaucher’s recipe.

Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier

Country: France

It is distilled in the Emile Pernot distillery with the help of copper alambic’s and Pontarlier wormwood.

Tenneyson Absinthe Royale

Country: France

Les Fils D’ Emile is the distiller of this absinthe. It is not traditional absinthe as it contains juniper, bitter orange from sugar beet base along with coriander and Angelina rather than having anise or wormwood. It is refreshing and usually taken with gin.

Absinthe Escat

Country: Spain

It is an Absinthe Verde(highest quality) and has 68% alcohol by volume. It has a lighter green appearance along with both bitter and sweet taste.

Absinthe Montana

Country: Spain

Similarly like Absinthe Escat, it is also from Spain with the same amount of alcohol content. But consist of fragrance from anise and citrus wafting, with a mixture of herbs. It is regarded as one of the best Spanish absinthe.

Lucid Absinthe Superieure

Country: France

It is absinthe which is distilled with the help of real grande wormwood and is manufactured by Hood River Distilleries. It contains 62% of alcohol by volume entirely from spirits and European whole herbs, without any superficial substances.

C.F Berger

Country: Switzerland 

It is regarded as a Jade recreation of the Swiss style of absinthe. It has a brown color due to it’s exposed to sunlight. It has a pleasant smell which is accompanied by a smooth, well balanced floral experience.

Sebor Absinthe 

Country: Czech Republic 

One of the most refined finest alcohol which consists of 55% of alcohol by volume. It is primarily produced in the Czech Bohemian mountains by following traditional brewing methods.

La Fee Absinthe Bohemian

Country: Czech Republic

It is one of the modern absinthe which consists of bright green color in appearance with an electric blue rim. The smell usually consists of eucalyptus and mint flavor. It contains 70% of ABV.

Absinthe Sauvage 1804

Country: France

The word ‘Sauvage’ stands for savage. It has a yellowish tint color and has strong herbal scents.

Absinthe Eichelberger

Country: Germany

It consists of 26 herbs such as anise, different wormwoods, hyssop, fennel, Melissa for a fresh taste.

Absinthe Maison Alandia

Country: Germany

It is made with the help of 16 herbs which include artemisia absinthium, pontica, green anise, veronica, angelica, fennel, vanilla, and coriander.

Absinthe Edouard

Country: France

It has a dark greenish color appearance like an emerald and is made up of fennel, hyssop, anise, and wormwood.

Absinthe L’ Italienne

Country: Italy

It has a greenish appearance that has a mix of spices and flower accents which extracts herbal ingredients which results in a complex area and has 65% alcohol by volume.

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