List of 35 Best 7Up Brand Slogans

7 Up was mainly created by Charles Leiper Grigg, who launched his St. Louis–based company The Howdy Corporation in 1920. Grigg basically came up with the formula for a lemon-lime soft drink in 1929. So, the product, originally named “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”, was launched two weeks before the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

7Up Brand Slogans

You Like It, It Likes You (1936)

The Fresh Up Family Drink (1952)

Fresh up with 7 Up (1957)

Nothing does it like 7 Up! (1957–1958)

Get always real action, 7 Up your make you thirst away (1963–1964)

Wet ‘n’ Wild (1965, 1966)

The (Diet) Uncola. (1967-1990s) (some with charismatic actor Geoffrey Holder)

Crisp refreshing 7 Up (1960s-1970s)

It’s 7 Up, it’s Uncola (1975)

UNdo it with 7 Up (1977–78)

America is turning 7 Up (1978–79)

Feelin’ 7 Up (1980)

Crisp and Clean, and No Caffeine.

Canada’s turning 7 Up (1980) Canada

7 Up, The Difference is Clear (1982)

Never ever Had It, Never Will (1980s, reference to 7 Up not containing caffeine)

The feeling of Christmas. (December 1980s)

Put some Un in your life (diet). (early 1990s)

When you really want the taste of UN, there’s only one 

On the spot. (late 1980s – early 1990s)

Now that’s refreshing. (1990s)

It’s always cool to be clear – 7 Up (early 1990s)

6 Up was not enough. We went one louder. (1994)

It’s an up thing. (1995)

Happy 1997 Up! (1997 New Year’s campaign)

Make 7 Up Yours. (1999–2005)

Are you an Un? (Late 1990s-Early 2000s)

Seven flavors in one drink. (2008)

“Bheja fry .. 7 Up try” (2008)

Ridiculously Bubbly. 

Be yourself. Be refreshing. Be 7 Up. (2011 in a spot featuring Cee Lo Green)

Above are the top slogans used by the company, which made this brand even more successful. 


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