101+ Condom Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

A condom is a must for a safe sexual intercourse. It can be a male or a female condom but what is important is the fact that it saves u from all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, and it’s really important to add catchy captions to all your social media post’s so that your marketing campaign always stays on point.

Condom captions for social media

Condom captions for Facebook

-a condom is just like a helmet; both protects u from unwanted accidents. #unwantedaccidents.

-condoms are like friends, it protects u when things get hard. #protection

-relations and condoms have one thing in common, u should never overstretch them.

-avoiding condoms can make u regret like anything in future.

-a small pack of condom can be more useful than a pack of cigarettes at times. #importanttouse

-always put on your condom first and then turn her on. #putiton

-use a condom if u really want to hit the right point at the right time. #condomisamust

-using a condom today is better than changing nappies tomorrow. 

-always use a condom if u want to play it safe and slow.

-even one drop can make u repent. #useacondom

-it stops 99 percent of unwanted future problems.

-u can trust a condom more than your pullout skills. #dontriskit

-taking risk can lead u into serious troubles when it comes to intercourse.

-spending on a pack of condom is way better than spending on an abortion kit.

– prevention is always better than cure, it applies over here too. #preventionisbetter

-use a condom unless and until u r ready to pay the future bills. #saveyourself

-a wise man will always choose a pack of condom over few seconds of pleasure. 

 Condom Captions for Instagram

its better to play mature. #bemature

-don’t want to use a condom, then be ready for the mess u will create. #dontmessitup

-being accountable for your actions is always the best way out.

-cravings can be temporary but regrets are forever. #usebeforeuregret

-acting responsible never goes out of fashion. 

– the term” kidding” is so heavy, not using a condom can make u realize it. #kiddingisnotalwaysgood

– a dotted condom Is better than a dotted future.

-foreplay and a condom is better than doing kids play with your future kids. #kidsplay

-Similarity between a balloon and a condom? both can stretch according to your needs. #streachablecondoms.

– at times being protective is better than being creative. 

– daddy sounds cool on bed but not when your future kids call u. 

-better to last long with a condom on rather than ending up in seconds without it. #lastlongcondoms

-its important to smell good during intercourse but without risking it.  #smellgoodcondoms

-the best advice my dad gave me was to keep my game strong and wear a condom. #condomsareamust

-riding can be fun but only when the condom is on.

– a safe ride is important to avoid any unwanted accidents. #driveitsafe

– a condom is like a hour glass u just need to turn it around to reset it.

– a smooth experience is always preferable over a rough one. #keepitsmooth

– breaking up is never good, be it your relationship or your condom. 

Condom captions for twitter

-condoms are like anti-viruses both protect u from unwanted diseases. #preventstd

-a condom is like a dog; u can trust and have faith on both.

-peace is always important be it before or after the intercourse.

-female condoms are like sheets u just need to put it in properly for a smoother experience. #femalecondoms

-not using a condom is like falling into a deep trap, u never make it out safely.

-resisting temporary temptations is better than permanent troubles. 

-saying yes to a condom is better than saying no to your future kids. #sayyestocondom

-respecting the boundaries are equally important at times. 

-size doesn’t matter when u r doing it the right way. #sizedoesntmatter

– hook ups are fun only when u decide to make it safe. #besafe

-twinkle twinkle little star, play it safe and be a star #condoms

-make it special the way u want it to be. #specialmoments

– a rainy day outside and a pack of condom inside, nothing can be better than this.

-reaching the peak is the goal and we always have your back.

-satisfaction is the lock and our condom can be the key to your lock. #unlockit

– doesn’t matter if its your first time, we promise to make it your best time. #bestime

-flavors always makes it better. #flavoredcondoms

-u don’t need to worry we catch them all. #extrasafe

-in case u need a case, we are always there to help u out.

-keep the lights off and the condom on for better experience.

-don’t worry we can help u tally your score. #bestcondoms

-just do it the way u want but safely.

-the tip can be sensitive but we promise to keep it safe. #condomsareimportant

condom captions

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